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As a family we’ve Just been packing for a couple of weeks away over Christmas and New Year, when I pack I tend to roll up any clothes that I can to minimise the space they take up.  While rolling up these clothes I thought to myself that there must be a better way to store these rolled up clothes and there the thought ended, until today when I stumbled across the Hang and Roll, it looks like the answer to my packing wants.

It’s a kickstarter project that’s got another 10 days to run so there’s plenty of time to have a look and they work out less than $30 so not a huge amount for the convenience it can help create.

Here’s some information from their campaign page.



Come and check out our innovative, simple and practical luggage organizer. Hasta la vista, messy clothes!

Hang it.

Our organizer’s innovative design lets you hang your belongings anywhere you want. Plus, this lets you conveniently access all your outfits without struggling or worrying about unfolding your clothes.

Roll It!

No more space in your luggage? Just roll it and that’s it. Now your clothes can fit perfectly in your backpack.

You’re all set.

Ready to start your journey?

Product Features:

Pack in seconds: Packing has never been easier. Just roll up your clothes, put them inside. Save a great deal of time and avoid wrinkles.

Well-organized: Our bag has 8 individual compartments that let you easily access every single item. No more wasted time folding your clothes while traveling.


Waterproof: Wet clothes? No more! With our high-quality fabric, your clothes will stay dry and safe all the time. Forget about stains and liquids!

Compact: Need more space inside your luggage? Our design lets you organize and compress your clothes making some extra space.

Lightweight: Our organizer is light as a feather, it only weights 750 grams (26 ounces) and easily holds 1 week of clothing! Isn’t that cool?

See-through: Our design makes it very simple to locate all pieces of clothes at once. Just grab your favorite outfit and enjoy your day.


Our Story:

While backpacking in Europe in 2016, founder Julian noticed how much of a struggle it was to keep his clothes organized when moving from one city to another. Moreover, it was impossible to take out a single item from the bottom part of his backpack without doing a mess. That is when Hang and Roll was founded.


You can see more information on the Hang and Roll Kickstarter Page.

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