My Hitch – Drag your Suitcase using Belt or Waist Band

We all have these moments when we wished we had another pair of hands that we could use, especially while walking around in the airports or simply waiting in the line for check-ins. Well now a new innovative idea has the potential to make that dream a reality by allowing passengers to carry their suitcase with the amazing power of their butts. Yes, butts.

The idea is ridiculously simple yet effective. The small device clips onto your belt or waistband which has a hook on the other end to get hold of your suitcase. This leaves both your hands free to hold anything you like such as a coffee mug, croissant, a newspaper while you wait in line with your tickets.


The handy little device is called My Hitch and is designed by Robert Lian, an airline pilot. Lian simply got tired of pulling his own suitcase day in and day out; he one day thought why not utilize the enormous energy stored in our butts and put it to some good use.


After considering that almost everything has effectively gone hands-free, Lian came up with his idea of going hands-free with suitcases and have some free time from dragging luggage around.

Talking about his invention, Lian said that his product must not be considered as something that can only be effective in airports or other work environments.

He asserted that My Hitch has the potential to be a great utility anywhere, especially when you have to walk with your luggage. Currently, My Hitch can only support up to 25 pounds, but in the future, it can be improved to carry higher weights according to individual needs.

To reap the full benefits of My Hitch, you must either have a strong belt or a waistband that could support the weight of your suitcase. With My Hitch, one must be careful to use belts that are strong enough as this can become hugely embarrassing if you lose your pants in the middle of an airport line.


One drawback that My Hitch could potentially have is the back problem, according to some fitness experts. Human bodies are not used to dragging heavy loads with our backs or butts and pulling heavy suitcases by your waistband has the potential to cause complicated lower back pains.


So far there are no complaints of back pains or injuries primarily due to the weight limit of 25 pounds, and besides it makes you look like a small human tractor-trolley.

Overall My Hitch has won the approval from many regular passengers who have praised the idea and have shown interest in using My Hitch for their travels.


fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival