The House Truck – NZ Ticket To Freedom

Paul Pinkerton

We started watching online videos and reading blogs of people who had bitten the bullet and hit the road – throwing caution to the wind.

Some said it was the best decision they ever made. Other said it was the worst.

Either way, the thought was very scary. We both had good secure jobs, annual holidays, and a nice home that we rented in New Plymouth.


Not rich, but not poor either.

While Sue kept working for Pathways in New Plymouth, I went back to Pest Control up by Te Kauwhata with an old acquaintance. Things did not go well as it turned out. But I’m still glad that it was a catalyst for change. More of that later (perhaps).

At the time I was living in a very small camper van, then we saw this truck come up on Trademe.

It was owned by a fellow named Dean who had built the pop out and had been living in the truck for a number of years.

Dean is a man who likes to be careful with his money and the truck reflected this. But we were very taken with it. Alas, before we knew it, someone else had bought it.


I was disappointed, but am also a Christian, so just thought, “Ah well”.

But two weeks later it was back on Trademe again. This time with a much lower price tag. Things with potential need people with imagination. And despite my many failings, that is one thing that I have.

So after meeting Dean, we negotiated a price and became the proud (and somewhat nervous owners) of a 1989 HINO FD1017

Well, as it turned out, the roof leaked, in several places. The truck had more rust than a Neil Young Album, and it seemed we had a lemon on our hands.

So it was either find some sugar fast or end up with a perceptually sour expression.

We found some sugar.


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