iCoolPack The Smarter Backpack with 3 Powerful Cooling Fans

A little earlier I was thinking of putting the heating on as it’s getting a bit chilly in the Outdoor Revival office, in light of this it seems a bit strange to come across a backpack that’s designed to cool you down. Now don’t get me wrong, most of the year when I’m out I’m getting really hot and I would love a pack that blew cool air onto my back, in North Cyprus earlier this year I’d have loved this pack, man, it was so hot there…

Anyway, reading a bit more into this iCoolPack I see that it’s created in Hong Kong, so I sort of get it a bit more now, after all, HK’s a hot, humid place to be most of the year round and reading even more it looks lie expected delivery is June 2017, so I take back what I said, that would arrive at just the right time to keep me cool.

I’m not sure that this product is ever going to get to market but I like the general idea of it, there’s a combination of a backpack and tech that does seem to push some boundaries, but maybe it’s just a bit too out there for many. There’s 24 days to go on their Kickstarter and they’re looking for HK$ 800,000 (Err, that’s about $103,000) although the individual backpacks are $129 and up.


Here’s some more information on the pack from their Kickstarter page:

iCoolPack is the tech accessory that you need especially if you are always on the go!

iCoolPack serves a multitude of purposes and will be your trusty sidekick. With todays temperatures getting warmer the iCoolPack will keep you cool at all times with 3 built in fans that will cool your back when needed. In addition the iCoolPack has a ton of other useful features:

  • 3 Fast charging USB ports for your tablets, phones, and other devices
  • 3 Body cooling fans
  • USB Type-C 5V/3A charging port
  • Smart phone control
  • 15600mAH battery for long battery life
  • Rain/water proof design



Ample storage for your laptop, books, and other miscellaneous items.

We have over 10 years of experience in designing, producing and selling hardware devices. We have established a complete and mature supply chain from components suppliers, OEM factories to logistics service partners. Currently and as displayed in our demonstration video we have a fully functional and operational prototype and are seeking additional funding to take us into the production and distribution stages.

We are now doing further testing and fine-tuning the design in order to make it far superior to anything on the market. We will begin production preparation as soon as possible.


Our current challenges are components and production delay. However, our well- established supplier network and our experience in production planning can help us to overcome these challenges and minimize those risks. We will keep updating components lead time with suppliers in order to have better material planning.


Our pledge to you is to maintain transparency via constant updates, and to build iCoolPack at very high quality standard. Our target is to start shipping to backers from Jun 2017. We are confident to achieve this target and achieve it earlier.



Help us to get to the next level and to start production and delivery of our superior product.

If you want to read more or support this product look on their Kickstarter page iCoolPack

We all thank you immensely for your support on our journey and we look forward to shipping our first deliveries to all of you!

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