Innovative Ottolock takes the Security of Your Bike and Equipment to a whole new Level

One of the many issues that a cyclist had to face is the adequate security of the bike and the equipment. Whether you are an urban cyclist or a country adventurer, you are in need of a lock system that is both reliable and portable to carry easily without much of a hassle. The new innovative Ottolock offers the best bike security and brings to the game the best possible solution for your bike and other equipment that you want to secure.


What is an Ottolock? It’s a light weight innovative cinch lock useful for both cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts providing sound and fool proof security with its compact solution.

The working of Ottolock is simple yet highly effective which has been designed keeping in mind the requirement of modern cycling enthusiasts. Ottolock manufacturers have solved the security problem with a patent-pending steel band design which is highly secure and operates on a multi-tier security system. Its simplicity and versatility is second to none, and is deceptively stronger as it does not give the impression of strength at a single glance.

The amazing thing about the Ottolock is that it’s almost invisible when it comes to carrying it on your adventures. You can fit the lock your their pocket, bag pack or saddlebag without even realizing you are carrying one of the most secure lock systems for bikes.



There are all kinds of fancy bike locks available in the market, branded or non-banded almost all of these locks contain a vulnerability that the sinister folks are very much familiar about. Thieves prey on that vulnerability and cyclists are deprived of their expensive equipment. That vulnerability is that most of the locks, though visibility strong, are not really strong when it comes to the high cutting machines that most of the cycle thieves carry on them.

Ottolock manufacturers have considered this vulnerability in great details and have come up with a solution that is extremely cut-resistant. This property of the Ottolock is achieved by engineering a multi-layered high temper, stainless steel band that is 18mm wide, with Santoprene coating – Santoprene is a form of plastic with high durability – combined with a strong Kevlar band. If one tries to cut through the band, the load triggers a mechanism wherein the layers of the bands slide upon one another effectively reducing the effect of the force applied. The conventional lock cutters such as bolt and wire cutters cannot even cause a considerable dent let alone cutting the Ottolock.


The Ottolock’s manufacturers have designed the much-needed system keeping in mind the wider application of the lock; Ottolock can be used for securing Skiing equipment, cargo racks, travel bags, tool boxes, camping gear, motorcycles, scooters, kayak, and canoe; the possibilities of the Ottolock are practically limitless.

At the moment Ottolock is available to back on the kickstarter website




fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival