Keeping Essential Devices Powered Up In China And Other Countries

I’ll be honest; I’m not going to China in the near future. But, I have a couple of friends that are going and the other day we were talking about traveling there and what they’d need to take with them.

One thing we didn’t talk about was what they would need to charge devices so I’ve been having a quick look at it and like many place it depends on where you’re traveling from.

The questions you’ve got to ask yourself – so what adapter do I need? How will my computer work? Will I be able to charge my devices? What is the power rating? Which appliances are compatible? Will I even need an adapter? Which wall sockets do they use? All these issues are relevant when we travel to foreign countries.


It would be great if the world were standardized, but it’s not. This can make a multi-adapter an essential item to go in your luggage for international travel.

These days smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, and tablets and the normal items that we carry, we’ve all got them or at least some of them. In some respects, this is easier than finding ways to plug in electrical appliances such as hair dryers, curling irons, and electric shavers.

Our devices generally use a lot less juice than an appliance so a basic adaptor can often be all that’s needed, something that changes the pin configuration rather than the current and allows you t plug into the local sockets of wherever you are.

In China, they use AC 220v, as they do in most countries around the world, whereas the US, Japan and some countries in South America use AC 110v. This can cause some issues as not only will the pins need to be adapted to fit a foreign socket, but the power will need to be converted as well.

Before you plug anything in anywhere in the world be sure to check the power ratings as they are different in different places. It’s worth checking on your appliance/device plug to see if they’re a fixed AC rating or they have a range, may appliance plugs have the range from 110v to 220v, in this case, you only need to worry about changing the pins with an inexpensive adapter


Traveling from Europe to China does not pose too much of a problem as all the devices are compatible, as will those from Australia and New Zealand. However, the appliances from North America will not be compatible, and an adapter.

Travel supply stores sell a suitable range of adapters. You will also be able to buy universal adapters at airports, particularly at the international departures area. If you are traveling from the US to China and you’ve not brought your own adapter with you, they are widely available in China. They will probably be cheaper too.


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