Last-minute Christmas gifts for outdoor enthusiasts

Christmas shopping can be a stressful time, especially if you have friends and family who are not sure what they want. But, if you have a best friend that loves to spend time in the outdoors and exploring nature, then it can be a lot easier for you to do some quick, last-minute Christmas shopping for your adventurous loved ones. Here are some cool presents that will make anyone that likes hiking and backpacking happy. Don’t despair, it’s never too late for surprises. Let’s get started!

A pair of hiking boots

Hiking boots
Hiking boots

If you have a hiking enthusiast in your life, durable and warm hiking boots are always the best gift you can get. Make sure they are sturdy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. Every hiking lover will be happy to get new boots for Christmas.

A warm down jacket

A warm down jacket is a perfect gift for anyone who doesn’t like cold weather but likes to spend time in the outdoors. Christmas is a perfect time for traveling, winter sports, fun in the snow and exploring new mountain towns. Buy a warm down jacket for your kids or your mom, you won’t make a mistake.

A good-quality multi-tool

The multi-tool is a perfect gift for your close ones who like to go camping and spend more days on an outdoor adventure. The same tool can be also used around the house, for fixing a bike, cutting medicinal plants in the woods, and help in any survival situation your friend can end up in.

A set of camp cookware

cheap gear camp stove
Cooking gear

If your best friend likes to spend every holiday in the woods with friends and family and enjoys campfire cooking, then make sure you get that person a set of camp cookware that will make the outdoor cooking easier for everybody.

An inflatable couch

If you have a member of the family that likes to hike for miles just to enjoy the perfect view for a few hours and then comes back home, then get an inflatable couch that can fit in a bag, so he or she can relax and be comfortable while watching the sunset.


The Lifestraw makes any water drinkable and keeping hydrated during a hike is the most important thing. If you get one for the outdoor freak next door, you’ll probably be that person’s favorite friend forever. If your friends see that you really understand what they need to be happy and to stay alive in the wild, they will be extremely grateful.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag
Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is an essential item for everyone who is or wants to be a real camper. If your friend already has one, then get a winter one that is thicker, warmer and 100% waterproof. Giving someone a safe and dry night’s sleep for the Christmas camping trip is the best thing you can do.

A GPS locator

People’s biggest nightmare is to get lost in the woods and never find the way back to safety. And it’s scary indeed. Therefore, buy a GPS locator for someone that you know is not good with reading paper maps. That way you will not only buy a Christmas gift but also help someone to stay on the track and return home safely.

A travel-sized espresso maker

A Handpresso espresso maker in use
A Handpresso espresso maker in use

Who says that you can’t get a perfect espresso shot while camping? The Handpresso machine makes the original-flavored coffee wherever you are.

With any of these items, any outdoor enthusiasts will have a really Merry Christmas. Good luck!

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