Learn how to survive in the wilds by watching the behaviour of the animals & birds

Doug Williams
Public Domain/CC BY-SA 2.0
Public Domain/CC BY-SA 2.0

Wild animals are experts of survival in the wilderness; purely because their mere existence is dependent on their ability to live through the harsh conditions.

If you are stuck in the wilderness, and the situation is such that you have concerns about your survival, wild life can not only provide with the much-needed energy source in terms of food; it could also give you enough insight into the environment that you are trying to survive through.

They have won over their environment and only they can really help you learn the loopholes and survival tactics crucial for your life in the wild.

Signalling about Weather

The worst thing that can happen to you if you get stuck in an unknown wilderness, is the weather going all crazy on you. While trying to figure out how to survive, you can find yourself in a new kind of hell in the form a storm surrounding you from all sides. Historically animals are known to have the prior knowledge of an impending disastrous weather such as a storm and in some cases even the earthquakes. So look out for little signals to avoid being washed out by a massive storm.

Look for the birds; if birds are all cheery and flying really high, it’s a clear indication that weather is likely to be fairly normal at least that day. In case you find them diving down and flying really low looking for shelter among the thickness of the forest, find yourself a safe place my friend, a storm is probably brewing and could hit you very soon.

Help finding Food and Shelter

Much like humans, animals strive day and night to find food sources and adequate shelter for themselves. Closely observing the wildlife and following their tracks effectively can help you get to much-needed food sources and perhaps a shelter from the storm and other dangerous wild animals.

It is not recommended to physically follow the wildlife however following the subtle signs these animals leave behind as traces could lead you to your desired resource. Try looking for foot marks and other disturbances that could suggest an animal path. Birds are much easier to follow as all you need to do is to look for the regions where birds’ flights seem to focus; Its highly probable that you might find a food source or a water reservoir around that area.

Try to learn the Territories

The big vicious animals such as grizzly, lions, and wolves have clearly marked territories, and weaker animals always try to avoid trespassing for obvious reasons- otherwise, they will end up on a carnivore’s dinner table. If you see less animal activity around you, you must not feel at ease this clearly means that you have unknowingly entered a territory which is not going to be a peaceful place for you.



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