Leatherman EDC Rebar Multitool

Paul Pinkerton

Ever since Tim Leatherman brought out the first Multitool I have been a bit of a fan of Leatherman Tools, but all of them have had the drawback of containing a locking knife blade (or two) which has made them a dubious everyday carry under English knife laws…

With the EDC Rebar Multitool model, Leatherman have solved this issue – the EDC in the name referring to Every Day Carry and the Multitool has no knife blades, just 15 different practical and functional tools of a selection that fits my needs (and hopefully the needs of others) very well.


The tools/functions of the EDC Rebar are:
Needlenose Pliers
Regular Pliers
Replaceable Wire Cutters
Replaceable Hardwire Cutters
Wire Stripper
Awl with thread loop
Ruler (8” and 19cm)
Can Opener
Bottle Opener
Double Sided Wood and Metal File
Phillips Head Screwdriver
Large “slot” Screwdriver
Small “slot” Screwdriver
Fold-out Lanyard Ring


All the tools lock into place with a simple thumb release lock, are easy to select, deploy and fold away after use, and, with rolled edges to the “open” side of the handles, the EDC Rebar Multitool is as comfortable to use as any I have tried. All this in a 102mm x 14mm x 35mm package that weighs around 190gm.


All the tools work well. The saw is effective on woods seasoned and green, the wire cutters coping easily with electrical wire and barbed wire, the scissors cutting with ease through paper and thin leather (as well as mustache hair and finger nails), and the other tools doing their jobs just as well!

The Leatherman EDC Rebar Multitool will be replacing my other Leatherman Multitools as my everyday carry and it comes with a neat black leather belt pouch for ease of carrying.

The Leatherman EDC Rebar costs a competitive $61 and I think that, for a lot of people, the availability of a knifeless Leatherman Tool will prove popular.


Thanks to John Fenna of Bushcraft UK Source@ Bushcraftuk.com


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