Looking to go on a big adventure but not exactly sure where to go next? Here is what ten dollars will get you on Airbnb across the world

Doug Williams

Travelling is an amazing thing for anyone to take part in. It is not only relaxing but also a great way to get people to know how people live all over the world. Travel expands the horizons of people, particularly those that have not roamed far from where they live.

There are spectacular things to see all over the world, whether they be natural wonders or man-made marvels. There are things that many people want to see in person rather than in pictures taken by other people. A big obstacle to traveling for many people is the amount of money it takes.

Whether the trip is far from home or nearby tourist locations, finding a place to stay can be expensive and so can getting there. That is why traveling on a budget is a great alternative, and while many people think that they simply cannot do this, it is possible. There is a way to see what you want to see in various areas around the world without having to spend a ton of money that you do not necessarily have.



With the advent of Airbnb, it has also become easier to find places to stay at a cheaper rate than hotels. If you are looking to travel and save some money, here is what ten dollars can get you at various Airbnb’s in cities across the world.


For ten dollars a night, Russia offers an open couch that is inside of what is a self-proclaimed mansion located in Kaliningrad. However, this is not your typical stay, as you would be literally staying on a couch inside the family home. But the host on the site does say that you will not be bored while staying with them and that she has the ability to make a real cappuccino for whoever is taking up residence on her couch.

If you have just finished riding the Trans-Siberian railroad and are looking for a little break or a stop-over, there is another cheap place to stay. For about ten dollars a night, in the Russian city of Vladivostok you can stay in a bed in a hostel right in the city where the train ends.

The ad states that the location is ideal as you will be able to get around to all of the local hotspots, such as restaurants, cafes, theaters, and even a beauty salon if you feel like sprucing up after riding the train for a while. The place also offers boating trips, airport shuttle services, and a light breakfast for anyone who wants any of those things and is willing to pay extra.

In China, a person can get a futon for ten dollars a night in the city of Hangzhou. The futon is in a nice, bright loft-style apartment and the host says in the ad that she enjoys traveling and would love to offer a nice place for visitors to be able to stay at while they are in China. Also, the bed in the apartment is right next to the television, so you will be able to watch TV while laying in bed, a home from home.



If you rather stay near the coast of China, there is a city near Hong Kong called Shantou where you could stay in a hostel-style home for about ten dollars a night. The host says that staying here is the perfect way a person can experience authentic life like the locals of the area do.

The attractions in the area include a marketplace and has good transport links as well. This hostel-style place is also not short on amenities, as all of the beds have Ikea bedding as well as free Wi-Fi, all day hot water, free laundry services, and a projector for watching movies late at night. There are certainly a lot of benefits to staying at this venue.

If you would prefer to go to India, there are also some great options there where you could also stay for just ten dollars a night. There is a great deal in the state of Rajasthan where you stay in a spacious looking double room. The room includes air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and wi-fi. The host even goes as far to offer shampoo so that you do not need to worry about getting a special travel-sized shampoo while you are packing for your travels.

All the reviews on the place are great as people were happy with their stay and how the room looked, with many saying that they would certainly recommend it to any person who is traveling in this area and is looking for a great place to stay for a very low price.

If someone is looking to stay in a more active city in India, there is a great hostel in Mumbai found on Airbnb where a person can stay for just ten dollars a night. The hostel has brightly colored walls in the dormitory style rooms, and it is great for just about any kind of traveler. There is also breakfast offered to people who stay there, which is a big plus for someone who wants to keep on a budget because it is one less meal that they have to worry about paying for.


Traveling is certainly possible on a budget – you just have to be willing to look for places to stay. Being able to do the research on where you can stay that works within your budget it key to making it happen..


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