Looking to Travel But Worried About Your Budget? You Can Stay At These Airbnb’s For Just Ten Dollars

Doug Williams

Traveling is an amazing experience, but for some, the cost of partaking in a big trip can be way too much. Or at least that is the impression of traveling that many people have. In this day and age, there are so many ways in which a person who invests the time and energy to do the necessary research can find great places to stay, without breaking the bank, making the trip of their dreams a definite possibility.

Airbnb has changed the game for world travelers, as they can stay in great places all over the world, some of which are very unique, for much cheaper than they would be able to stay at other hotels. Here are some great options for anyone looking to save some money while still staying in a cool place.


Russia is an absolutely beautiful country, and for many people it is definitely near the top of their list for vitisting. While some people may think that they will not be able to go because of their budget, that is simply not the case anymore as there are Airbnb’s available in Russia for ten dollars a night.



There is a bed available inside a family home for people who like to travel while fully immersing themselves in the culture they are. This is a great idea because you will be able to talk with the family and eat with them, or just hang out so you can get a great idea of what typical Russian families do and get first-hand knowledge about their culture.

If you would prefer to go to Russia and have a more independent experience and not have to worry about staying with a family, there is a hostel with bunk beds in a great location that you can also stay in for the same price. This is a great option for those people who are looking to make other friends who are also traveling. Many people stay in hostels, and it can be a great way for solo travelers to meet other people, get involved in activities or go out with them, meaning that you don’t have to be alone for the entire trip.

Another popular place for people to travel is China. China is so different from other places in the world, and experiencing the culture is something that is definitely worth the trip. This is yet another place where you should not let your wallet stop you from making the journey, Airbnb’s in China are also available for ten dollars a night.


A person has the chance to stay on a futon in someone else’s home; this loft-style apartment is very clean and would be a great experience as it is in a great location. There is a television right near the futon for a weary traveler who is looking for a comfortable place to rest when tired after a long day of wandering around a new city. Just like the Airbnb’s in Russia, there is also an Airbnb available in China that is more of a hostel experience. This would be a good option for someone who does not want to feel like they are intruding on someone’s personal space and staying in someone else’s house, but it is also a way in to meet other people who would be willing to do tourist activities around China with you while you are traveling.

India is another amazing place for people to visit, with stunning sights and absolutely amazing monuments everywhere, and an incredibly rich culture for people to learn about and immerse themselves in.



For a traveler looking to save money while traveling in India, there are Airbnb’s available for ten dollars a night. One of the open options that has recieved rave reviews is a great room with a double bed that is fairly spacious. The room also has air conditioning, wi-fi, television, and even toiletries in the bathroom such as shampoo, so that there is one less thing that you need to worry about when you are doing your packing. Just as in China and Russia, there is an option for those who are going to be traveling in India to stay in a hostel. It is set up like a normal hostel and would allow someone the ability to have some more freedom.

Traveling is an amazing way to learn not only about other mysterious cultures but also about yourself; many people learn things about themselves that they would never have if they just stayed within the comfort of their own homes. This experience is not something that needs to be available to just the rich people of the world, as there are so many opportunities for anyone to travel while not breaking the bank.


fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival