Looking to Travel This Fall – You Should Go To Alaska

Doug Williams

We love traveling, it’s a great way to experience new landscapes and discover different cultures, and it can be a great way to see natural wonders that seem completely foreign to what we’re used to, that’s one of the best things about traveling.

One thing that can be difficult to do when thinking about traveling is deciding where would be the best place to go. This is usually based on the available resources, be that money, time, or just what you desire to see.

One place that is often overlooked seems to be Alaska.


Alaska has stunning scenery. There is just so much for you to see, its breathtaking horizons and the amount fo things to do there. Alaska has humongous glaciers that date back to the ice age, a wide array of different landscapes, the Aurora Borealis to witness, as well as a wide array of wildlife in this true wilderness state.


One of the best reasons to visit Alaska is the sheer tranquility. This is something that can be an important factor for people when it comes to travel locations.

Often, if there are too many people in an area, it can make everything take longer to view and generally make things less enjoyable. If there are too many people, it can take you out of the moment.

A visit to Alaska will offer anyone all the peace and tranquility that could be wanted . Alaska is a great place to go during fall because most people who visit do so in the springtime and the weeks leading up to the fall. For someone who wants to avoid crowds, going in the fall would be the perfect plan. There are still the most amazing views and most of the activities can still be enjoyed by travelers, but it will be much less crowded.

Another thing that is a big draw to Alaska in the fall months is that there is potential for a greater chance of seeing the northern lights. The reason for this is that typically the sun will set around seven in the fall months and Alaska does have darker skies.


The sunsets there also occur earlier than they do in other places. The combination of these factors makes it more probable that a person will see the aurora borealis in the fall months while in Alaska. The northern lights are truly an amazing spectacle to take in.


The northern lights consist of a wide span of different colors such as orange, yellow, green, and red; these gas molecules are blown all over the night sky by solar winds.

Another great thing about Alaska during fall is that it is a great time to hike. The amazing hiking trails show all of the beautiful natural environment that Alaska has to offer, and it’s much clearer in the autumn months. Additionally, the temperature isn’t too cold, making it perfect hiking weather. There will also be a lot of wildlife available for you to see, as the animals aren’t generally shy, so there’s plenty to see.

The state capital of Alaska is Juneau, a must visit. It is regularly one of the most visited places in Alaska. In the fall months, there are fewer ships that visit the ports, so the streets of the capital will be a lot less crowded, leaving more room for visitors to enjoy the sites in the area.


Alaska is truly a stunning place to visit and definitely something that should be on anyone’s travel list. It’s worth researching more and seeing just where you would want to go and what you would want to do there. You might even be able to save some money because it’s also a fairly cheap place to visit as well.


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