The Lowdown on Water Storage

There are many different types of disaster in our world, with natural disasters which seem to be on the rise and then the infrastructure of our country based on computers and may be susceptible to terrorism via hacking or direct attack.

No matter where the disaster originates from it’s a disaster and the consequences are usually long term water issues with no running water and other water sources contaminated meaning that you’ve got to prepare by having your own supply of water available. Of course, if you get evacuated you’re going to have to find a new supply of water for your needs.

So, we’re mainly focused on you being able to stay at home or get to a place you know is secure and you’ve prepared your own water supplies and storage.  We’ve got bug out bags here at Outdoor Revival HQ with pater and way of purifying water in them, they’re great to have but they’re no replacement for meeting long term needs.


It’s essential that you think about this because water is essential to us staying alive, we need to drink about a half a gallon of water a day, more if we’re working. In just a week that’s seven gallons of water to stay alive, and it could be double that if you’re working hard. If you’ve got a family of four that’s a starting point of 28 gallons a week, just for drinking, that’s not cleaning your teeth, washing, cooking, etc.

The general guidelines from the FEMA say that we should prepare by having a minimum three days supply. Most preppers say it should be closer to two weeks worth with some saying more.

My advice would be to start with the three days and then build that to two weeks of water storage and see where you go from there, if you get to a year pleae let us know as we’d love some pictures and to see how you’ve managed it. A years worth of water for four people is about 1500 gallons of water and upward.

Below we’ve got an excellent infographic on storing water, so it’s well worth having a good look at that in case there’s something on there that you’ve not thought of before.


A big thanks to for putting this infographic together, it’s a great way of picturing the different aspects of water storage.



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