Lumma Cycle Lights – Increasing Your Night Time Safety

So, I’ve been planning on getting out more on my bike; I’m looking at a Triathlon next spring and that means I’ve got to find the time to get training, but hey, it’s coming up to winter, it’s dark and dreary, hard to get motivated.

The Outdoor Revival HQ is surrounded by hills and country roads so some good illumination is a must, I regularly look at flashlights and other illuminating appliances because I always need a brighter flashlight or cycle lights, hey, don’t we all?

So, I’ve spotted these grip based lights from Lumma and thought I’d share the information with you as I know there’s many of you that are keen cyclists and even more that just like to get on two wheels for a pleasurable ride. Any innovations that make that a safer thing are great and we’ll talk about them on Outdoor Revival.


Here’s some more information from the Lumma Indiegogo page:

What if all cars had a single light in the center? Strange? Then why do we only have one light in front of our bicycle?

Introducing Lumma, a 360 degree light system showing your true width while cycling. It combines all the lights needed on your bike, front lights, rear lights and side lights, all integrated into the bicycle grips. Three different lights at each end of your handle bar. Never worry again about leaving your lights at home or having them stolen, the grips feature a solid core for easy installation and solid rings for easier fastening.



Lumma meets all the legal requirements, even in countries with strict regulations such as Denmark and Norway.

Though it makes you visible, Lumma itself is nearly invisible, it has a compact, elegant design that does not interfere with the looks of your bike, the body is made of aircraft grade aluminum, the same alloy used for helicopters and airplanes, it’s touch, almost indestructible. We’ve paid special attention to the surface finish, anodized, ultrasonic cleaned and hand brushed for a premium look.



Finally, each set comes with built-in lithium batteries and are easily charged through a standard micro USB port.

We love bicycles and we love to cycle, we wanted to have a product that’s not just good but advanced the frontiers of visibility and traffic safety.


You can see more about the Lumma here on their Indiegogo page.


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