Marvelous Marzipan is Made Here

Paul Pinkerton

If you happen to find yourself in Germany on an adventure or even if you’re there working away there and want somewhere to visit that’s a bit out of the ordinary then this might be just what you’re looking for…

The marzipan capital of the world is the charming Northern German town of Lubeck.

Once there were over a hundred of producers, today it’s down to just two large companies.

Niederegger is the leading firm processing 30 tons of almonds at a time as their non-stop production line turns out hundreds of different products as they do.


Christmas and Easter are the busy times and they sell their products locally in the main town center from a very tradition shop and cafe opposite the town hall or Rathaus.

Ready for the Christmas marzipan models.

It is also possible to buy from their factory outlet store where items that have not passed their strict quality control are sold at a discount. Usually, these are products that have slightly damaged, or the packing and wrapping are faulty.


The range of items they make is huge with marzipan being mixed with flavors such has coffee, strawberries, and raspberries. Their items are molded into many shapes and one of the most popular is that of the city gate of Lubeck or the Holstentor, at Easter rabbits and at Christmas, of course, Father Christmas!

Life size marzipan model of author Thomas Mann who came from Lubeck.

Artists and painters are part of the team in Lubeck as many items are made for special orders and can be painted with vegetable dyes to help bring them to life. Fruit, animals, and household items are turned out daily and just to show how versatile this material is there is a life-size display of characters above their town center premises who have been important in the history of marzipan production in the town.


Painting marzipan Christmas gifts

Both shops are extremely popular with both tourists and locals with displays changing as the seasons roll around.

Made from combining ground almonds and sugar plus that secret ingredient is at the heart of the company that has been producing this sweet treat since 1806!

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