Monkey Lights – The Effective way to be seen

So, I’m trying to get into cycling (I know, daft time of year to start) so I’m on the lookout for bike related stuff and I’ve come across the Monkey Lights which are pretty cool.

I thought they were worth mentioning as there’s bound to be some of you that really like the idea, especially with the winter evenings that will soon be with us.

This is some info from MonkeyLectric’s Kickstarter campaign:


The most effective way to be seen when you ride

Monkey Lights are LED lights that mount on the wheels of your bike. They’re incredibly bright, durable and fun. All of our Monkey Lights are clearly visible from every direction. By illuminating the wheels, the moving light greatly increases visibility – even on a crowded street.

We’re introducing 3 sleek new designs that are ridiculously easy to use. Our new lights are fully automatic – just ride your bike and they turn on when you need them. These 3rd generation lights fit nearly any bike and they’re more affordable than ever.

Since 2007 we’ve been making cycling more safe and more fun for everyone. Join us – help fulfill our vision by pledging your support and sharing this project with your friends!

Automatic Awesomeness

All of our new models reliably turn on when you need them. Just ride your bike. Our unique triple-sensor technology detects wheel rotation and light levels. It won’t accidentally turn on if it just gets bumped on a bike rack. If you still want a power button, our A15 & A30 lights let you choose between Off, On, and Smart-Auto-On yourself.


Total Convenience

Our lights include a stainless steel strap for locking the light onto your spokes. You can’t forget your lights when you leave home or work, and you can’t lose them. The USB-battery capsule pops out for indoor charging, and should last for months between charges.

You may only need to charge your light 4-6 times per year. (A10 and A15 models)






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