Motherhood Moments: Thank You Stranger -Our third article in the series from Susan Strayer

By Paul Pinkerton
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Motherhood Moments: Thank You Stranger -Our third article in the series from Susan Strayer

Paul Pinkerton

Motherhood Moments: Thank You Stranger

Our third article in the series from Susan Strayer who’s an inspiration to many with her Blog – Mountain Mom and Tots.

This short article really does sum up how a lot of people feel when there’s help a kindness at hand, the outdoor community is filled with amazing people, thanks for sharing Susan.
Outdoors events with kids require patience…and sometimes a little help from others. Kids can be loud, messy and destructive. Parents may be out of their depth. But to those who have ever seen a parent in need and been patient and kind, can I just say THANK YOU.


hidden-falls-7-of-9Thank you to the man who switched his seat on the airplane so I could sit next to my four year old and wiggly one year old.

Thank you to the woman who pushed my overfull shopping cart to my car while I wrangled my children in the Costco parking lot yesterday.

bridal-veil-1-of-7Thank you to the many bikers who gave me “the nod” as I rode with Big E and little g on the Bridal Veil Falls path. We were slow and in their way most of the time, but they still smiled at our effort.

Thank you to the hikers who gave my kids (and me) lollipops while on the trail last week.

sundance-hike-1-of-6Thank you to the other parents who helped me chase down my two year old before she ran into the street at our last camping adventure.


To all of the strangers out there, thank you for making room in the outdoor community to raise the next generation of hikers, bikers, campers, boaters, and outdoor enthusiasts.



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Susan Strayer, author of is all about getting families into nature. She lives with her husband and three young kids in the mountains near Sundance, Utah and spends her time hiking, biking, skiing and camping as much as possible.

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