Some Natural Remedies for White Hair

The appearance of white hair is widely considered a sign of aging and for some has a sense of embarrassment attached to it, because of this most of us really don’t want white hair and if they do emerge we are quick to get them covered up.

Some may go as far trying natural remedies to prevent turning white; sadly, this is not possible as there is no scientific way to prevent pigment loss in the hair. When a strand of hair grows out of our skull, pigments are infused into the hair giving them the black or colored shade. With age, the amount of infusion decreases the strand loses the great color that it once enjoyed.

There is no scarcity of over-the-counter ointments and other chemical ridden creams to hide white hair, however following home remedies are not only much more effective, but they also carry more benefits for the hair without so much damage.



There is more than one way you can use to apply henna on your white hair and all of these work very well.


You can mix the henna in with boiled coffee in water and then stir it to avoid lumps and use it on your hair with a brush, or you can mix a number of herbs in the henna solution such as basil, mint along with some yoghurt, fenugreek, and mint juice to make a thick paste and apply that instead.

Black Tea

That’s right, you can use black tea in your fight against the invasion of white hair, simply boil two tablespoons of black tea and apply it on your skull after it is cooled down and leave it for at least an hour to settle. Now Rinse it well and try not to use shampoo immediately.


Indian Gooseberry

This also includes coconut oil with the gooseberry, boil the oil and then add the berries and mix, then use the strained oil on your hair.

You can also mix the dried gooseberry powder in lemon and almond oil to make a smooth mixture that you can use against your white hair.



Carrot Seed Oil and Sesame Oil

You need to mix the carrot seed oil with sesame oil to make a smooth, homogenous solution. Apply the solution gently to the roots of your hair and leave for half an hour or so, then wash your hair with warm water (avoid hot water on your hair) with a mild shampoo (preferably a natural shampoo).

Curry Leaves

The active ingredient of this remedy includes curry leaves and coconut oil; heat the oil to a boil and then add some curry leaves into the boiling oil. Leave the leaves for at least 10 minutes until all the essence is mixed with the oil, now cool the oil strain it. Use it to massage your skull and hair at least once or twice a week.




fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival