A new generation is dawning – the beautiful Airstream Basecamp Trailer

By Paul Pinkerton
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A new generation is dawning – the beautiful Airstream Basecamp Trailer

Paul Pinkerton

Exploring. Recharging. Everything in between.

Hit the road, hit the trails, and get going. Basecamp is full of features that help you fuel up for the day, then clean up and sack out when it’s all said and done. From the rear hatch for your gear to the on-board restroom to the convertible living space that forms a relaxing bed, it’s all right there with you, along for the ride.

Basecamp takes our iconic streamlined style in a new, exciting direction. The same quality and unrelenting standards that made us who we are have now been applied to creating one of our lightest, most versatile, and adventure-capable travel trailers ever. It’s smart, it’s spontaneous, and it’s the spirit of Airstream – the spirit of adventure. We’ve designed every inch of the new Basecamp with the great outdoors in mind.


Basecamp’s rear hatch lets you load and unload your gear through the back of the trailer into 126″ of available cargo depth from the rear door to the galley cabinet, without having to maneuver it through the main door. When the day is done, close up the rear hatch to keep the trailer cozy, or keep it open and attach the removable screen to keep the fresh air moving through.

The aluminum structure slips through the air on the open road. The panoramic front windows let you take in the view around you. And the subtle décors play off of natural tones you’ll find outside. It’s all in homage to the world around you, the whole reason you head out to explore in the first place.


Essentials and beyond.

Basecamp checks off all the boxes of what you need to get off road and off grid. And then it goes further, bringing you extras that make exploring that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

ASolar pre-wire kit comes standard to prepare you for renewable power inputs
BBose Bluetooth® SoundLink® Color speaker included
CSmart, versatile storage solutions throughout
DLockable technology dock and USB ports for easy charging
EEfficient ventilation, hot water, and cabin heating systems


Hitch up and go.

Basecamp’s compact, lightweight design opens up all sorts of possibilities. Head out to the frozen tundra. Spend a week in the blazing desert. Pack up and go anywhere you please, with nothing holding you back.

ATowable with a variety of mid-size SUVs
BOverall compact size makes driving and towing easier
CAggressive departure angle allows you to tackle more roads with confidence
DAerodynamic design increases fuel efficiency
ELarge wheels and tires help tackle rougher terrain and cold-weather driving
FSide skirts and wheel flares help prevent damage from gravel and debris

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