Prepper: How to cook without drawing attention to yourself

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Despite our natural urge to socialize and invite friends and family over whenever we can: in a situation where things have gotten out of hands, and some sort of apocalypse is upon us, we would rather be alone.

The primary aim during an apocalyptical situation is to stay alive and keeping your family members safe. Soon after things go south the first thing people would be doing is to hunt for food however and wherever possible.

If you have a large stockpile of food stored in your basement, then you instantly become a potential target, even by the people who you once considered friends.

One clear indication that you possess a treasure of food is the smell you will be sending off while you cook; this smell will ultimately attract dozens of people, and you will not be safe anymore.

Following are some ways to curb the smell of cooking as much as possible in order to stay safe during a societal breakup.

The Grace Period

In the case of any emergency, wherein the society had lost all the authority, and everyone is left on their own, you will have a good 72 hours to consider your option and prepare for the long haul ahead.

Right after a collapse or a disaster, it takes roughly three days for the people to really go crazy for supplies, since everyone has at least three days of foods and supplies stored at home.

You can use this Grace Period of 72 hours to prepare as much food as possible for the weeks ahead.

Plan intelligently, prepare the foods that can last longer and avoid the foods that take a long time to cook or spoil quickly, make portions of nutritious food that could keep you fed and energized all through the period of chaos.

The location of cooking

If you run out of your stock of cooked food from the Grace Period, and you really had to cook more food always choose your location very carefully as the aroma of the food could travel miles and attract the hungry folks towards your safe house.

Try to build small cooking indoors and avoid cooking in the open air, if you really had to cook outside keep that to a minimum and make it quick.

Timing is Crucial

Do not cook in the middle of the day, try to cook either in the early hours of the day or very later in the night when people around you are likely to be sleeping.

This will effectively minimize any chances that someone will notice the smell of your cooking. Try to cook when it’s not very windy as it could take the aromas to the people fairly quickly.

Choose the Method Carefully

You can have a number of cooking option depending upon your situation but whatever you choose to cook your meal, always use the fuel that produces as little smoke as possible.

The smoke will not only create the smell of cooking, but it could also make your location visible making it easier for the hungry folks to spot you very quickly.

Avoid using gas generators at all costs as it creates a hell of noise which can attract people even quicker then smoke or cooking aromas.

What to Cook

Avoid spices at all costs, grilling and barbecue must also be avoided as these could be lethal for your survival. Your only option is to boil vegetables and add spices and seasoning later.

Use your indoor stoves to boil the food, and if you have your stove outside then boil water outside then bring it in and put the vegetable in it to boil while its indoors.


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