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Burmese python slithering across the floor

Man Takes On 16-Foot Python In Harrowing Video

Clare Fitzgerald

A Florida trapper known as the “Python Cowboy” is no stranger to wrangling wild snakes, but even he wasn’t prepared for what he came upon…

Close-up of an elephant's face

Vindictive Elephant Fatally Injures Woman, Makes Unwanted Appearance At Her Funeral

The World Wide Fund For Nature – formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund – states that around 300 people are killed annually in human-elephant…

Moon moving in front of the Sun during a total solar eclipse + Four members of a family wearing eclipse glasses

What We Know About the 2024 Total Eclipse Over North America

Clare Fitzgerald

On April 8, 2024, a large swath of North America will bear witness to one of the most astonishing and awe-inspiring solar events: a total…

View of the Carina Nebula + Father and son looking through a telescope

The Most Stunning Constellations Overlooking the Southern Hemisphere

Todd Neikirk

North Americans who look at the night sky are familiar with the constellations that dot the Northern Hemisphere, but they’re just the tip of the…

Steve Irwin standing in front of a crocodile

Fans Still Question Why Steve Irwin’s Death Was Filmed By TV Crew

Samantha Franco

Following the anniversary of Steve Irwin’s untimely death, a renewed interest in the video that captured his final moments has sparked questions as to why…

River Phoenix as Indiana Jones in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'

A Man Spent 72 Hours Locked In a Room with 72 Venomous Snakes

Ophidiophobia, a fear of snakes, is one of the most common phobias in the world. While most snakes are not an immediate threat to one’s…

Aldi Novel Adilang holding up his landing permit

An Indonesian Teenager Once Survived 49 Days Adrift At Sea

Clare Fitzgerald

For those who frequent the sea, one of their biggest fears is being stranded without any food or water. In Indonesia, it’s actually the job…

Hands throwing Easter eggs on the beach + Arapaima underwater

The Nine Strangest Things to Wash Up on Beaches

Todd Neikirk

Random things are constantly washing up on the shores of the world’s coastal towns and cities. For the most part, the items are garbage, seaweed…

They Have Started Building 62 Miles of Bicycle Super Highway

“Green” is the word on everyone’s lips these days, from everyday citizens to top ranking government officials. Politicians who don’t espouse environmentally friendly policies run…

Top 6 Gross Things You Can Eat for Survival

Joann Clark

If you are a lover of adventure, at some point in your life you will face the problem of not having anything to eat in…