New Honeycomb Wireless Bluetooth® Portable Speaker

Honeycomb Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Black (PRNewsFoto/Honeycomb Sound LLC)
Honeycomb Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Black (PRNewsFoto/Honeycomb Sound LLC)

We love our music and listening to podcasts at Outdoor Revival, be that in the office or in the woods, at the beach or while we’re splitting firewood.  We’re always on the lookout for good outdoor speakers, just in case they’re better than the ones we have already… Then they’ll obviously become a need, a must have item that we pine for until we get them…

These new speakers from Honeycomb Sound look good on paper, we’ve not tried them yet but hopefully we will.

Honeycomb Sound LLC announces the launch of their new wireless Bluetooth® portable speaker, the model HC-1, available in silver with white trim, and black with red trim for $149. Derived from nature’s own honeycomb cell design, the speaker incorporates these structural advantages of strength, efficiency and quality; resulting in high power, low distortion fidelity.


The hexagonal comb of the honeybee has been a subject of research for companies ranging from aerospace to architecture. Honeycomb structures form a perfect geometry allowing for a minimum amount of material in relation to weight and cost. There is a high strength-to-weight ratio. This cell shaped structure provides a material with low density and high compression. In terms of audio speaker design, this produces sound that is tight and clean.

The Honeycomb speaker enclosure includes a 40 watt Class D high efficiency stereo amplifier with DSP; Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology; four 2″ full-range speakers; dual dynamic ports; 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery; and tactile control panel. This represents a design philosophy of simplicity, compactness, and quality system integration.

At the core of the Honeycomb stereo speaker system, is the idea of big sound and deep bass from a small package. Measuring 14″(l) x 6.5″(h) x 4.5″(d), the speaker easily fills a large room or outdoor space. The long-lasting battery allows for portability within the home, office, or outside. This technology replaces the bulky, wired stereo systems of the past, with a new, stylish, easy to use, home audio solution.

The Honeycomb Sound HC-1 speaker system is available for $149 with free shipping from the company’s website,

Additional features within the Honeycomb Sound HC-1 speaker include inputs for playback from 3.5mm, USB flash drive, and micro SD/TF card. The speaker also has a power bank function allowing for charging of mobile phones. Constructed of a durable ABS plastic enclosure with high-end iron speaker grilles, the Honeycomb system will provide years of listening enjoyment and aesthetic beauty.



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