Nite Ize Figure 9 Rope Tighteners – Review

Nite Ize Figure 9 Rope Tightening products make tensioning and securing ropes a simple and positive procedure – even if you cannot tie a knot to save your life!

The models I have been trying out are the –


To fit ropes from 3mm (1/8”) to 9mm (3/8”), coming with 10’ (3.05m) of 5mm (1/4”) cord and measures some 8cm x 5.5cm x 8mm (3” x 2.1/4” x ¼”), weighs about 136 gms and has a load rating of 67.5kg (150lb), and


To fit ropes 2mm (1/16”) to 5mm (3/16”) coming with 6’ (1.82m) of 3.5mm (5/32”) cord and measuring some 1.1/2” x 1.2” x 1/8” (4cm x 3cm x 3mm) weighing some 3.6gms and having a load rating of 50lb (22.5kg).

Each solid aluminum Figure 9 is laser engraved with instructions for safe and easy operation and is available in plain metal (with colorful cordage) or “Camo” black coated metal with camo color cordage.

aluminum figure 9
aluminum figure 9

The large Figure 9 with cord costs around $7.95; the small Figure 9s with cord are sold in pairs at around $7.95, and should take care of most of your rope holding/tightening/easy releasing needs. A set of 4 aluminum small Figure 9 rope tighteners complete with four 6’ (1.82m) plain cords costs around $13, and while heavier than the plastic version, will still suit campers who need not count every gram!

However, for the lightweight camper, there is also the Nite Ize Figure 9 Tent line kits which comprise 4 plastic Figure 9s – identical to the small aluminum Figure 9s, but made from a strong black plastic and weighing only 2gms each. Each plastic Figure 9 comes with an 8’ (2.44m) green guy line with a reflective fleck woven in for ease of visibility at night.

A Nite Ize Figure 9 Tent line kit costs around $13 and makes pitching your tarp, hide or tent a doddle.


figure 9 kit
figure 9 kit

Other versions of the Figure 9 rope tighteners are available – such as one with a carabiner clip attachment – but I have yet to try these.

All the models I have tried come with full instructions on how to attach the Figure 9 either to a cord tied at one end (fixed end system) or on a plain, untied, rope (loop system) and all have proved very useful, practical, secure and above all, easy to use.
I did manage to test one of the plastic tent line set Figure 9s to destruction, but this took a surprising amount of gratuitous abuse, and I strongly doubt that normal usage will cause any damage.

plastic figure 9
plastic figure 9

I really cannot think of a simpler, safer, lighter way of fixing ropes or cords – especially if you are not too well acquainted with tying secure knots!

by John Fenna of BushcraftUK

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