Some Old Remedies for Common Cold and Coughs

Although our first instinct after procuring an ailment such as cold and flu must always be to seek the medical attention. However, it is highly likely that you are stuck in the wilderness or you are unable to access the medication for a number of reasons, in this case your only line of defence against sickness would be traditional remedies.

Following is the list of a few remedies that have been lost, but possess real healing abilities and that even without any severe side effects.


Vinegar Socks – The method is what it says in the title, it’s a sock soaked in Vinegar. Since the ancient times, vinegar has been regarded as an amazing healer and has been widely used in a number of traditional herbal medicines. In case you have acquired a cold with fever, dip your socks in a bowl full of vinegar and then put them on for at least 20 minutes. Refresh the socks every half an hour and you will notice a dramatic drop in your body temperature.

Salt Socks – Again this remedy is for cold and is basically aimed at providing a sense of relief in case of severe cold. Fill a sock with common salt after it has been heated in a clean pan, then place the hot sock filled with salt on your chest as long as it’s warm. Try repeating the method until you feel at ease.

Nut Shells’ Tea – Nuts are famous for a number of health benefits, however, nutshells that we normally throw away aren’t entirely useless. Boil a cup of water with nut shells and drink that tea to have a defence against bad dry cough; you can add a little sugar for taste.

Black Radish – take a whole black radish and make a round hole in it effectively turning into a small pot and then pour a teaspoon or sugar in that hole. Leave the Radish next to a radiator or any other heat source for at least a couple of hours. The Syrup produced after two hours will be perfect for your sore throat and tickly cough.

Salt Water – Perhaps the most widely applied remedy for a sore throat and cough, the combination of warm water and some salt is the best quick homemade remedy that you can apply instantly once you realize you have a cough building up in your throat. A few gargles a day would not only ease the pressure on your throat muscles, but it would also certainly help it heal the tiny wounds caused by the dry coughs.

Walnut Leaves – Walnut leaves have been used for a number of skin ailments since the time immemorial due to their disinfectant and astringent properties. In the case of painful red rashes, you can prepare a decoction of green walnut leaves and water; simply boil a handful of walnut leaves in water, strain the water and apply the liquid on the rash by soaking a clean cloth in the decoction.

This and many other remedies that require a whole book to explain in detail, must be remembered and applied sometimes so that we get familiarize with the healing properties of these remedies that are highly beneficial for human body.



fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival