Orphanage with the best view in the world

The orphanage on the top of the cliff

Olón is a small coastal town in Ecuador with one of the best sand beaches on the Pacific Coast. The village itself doesn’t have too many things to do, but it’s a perfect vacation spot for all wide beach lovers. What’s characteristic of this place is that, if you’re heading north, you can walk for hours and still see a long sandy beach stretched out in front of you. If you’re walking the beach towards the south, you’ll run into a massive cliff that gets hit by the waves during the high tide.

What’s interesting about this cliff is that on top of it there is an orphanage that’s sort of just hanging there. The location of this facility gives it the best possible view of the Pacific Ocean. The kids who live here have the chance to observe the jumping dolphins from on high.

There are two ways to get on the top of the cliff. You get a bus or a taxi that will take you there or walk on the beach and then find the hidden path through a dense forest that will take you up to the front of the sanctuary. Of course, the second way is better and is full of surprises. As you walk towards the cliff, you can enjoy the sound of the breaking waves and watch the many surfers riding them.

Depending on the time of the day, you may witness hundreds of pelicans gathering around the fishing boats and trying to steal some food. As you get closer to the cliff on the left side, you’ll see a forest that you will need to pass through. The path disappears from time to time, so you need to be very careful. Getting stuck in a thick canopy is not fun at all, especially when you start getting bitten by the mosquitoes.

The path to the top
The path to the top

Still, it’s a fun and exciting walk through the thick undergrowth without knowing when is it going to end. After a little climbing and many scratches on your legs, you’ll come out on the main road that will lead you to the orphanage with its the majestic view. When you first see the whole coast from the top, you’ll be speechless. You’ll get a sense of the power of Nature and how lovely it is to spend time in the great outdoors.

The chapel from the outside
The chapel from the outside

Exploring every single corner of this beautiful planet will make your spirit richer and provide insight into our existence on it. This orphanage is a perfect example of how good humans can be to each other. Building a home for the ones who need it the most in a beautiful place with an amazing view is a wonderful gesture. If you ever have the chance, visit this place! You won’t regret it!

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