Painful joints – then get stung by a bee, can be good for your health

Of course, when out in the wilds or even in your back yard; the pain of a bee sting is irritating and can be excruciatingly painful to say the least.

However, there is a whole field of health and wellbeing built around the bee keeping and the stings of the honey bee. A Beekeeper in Smithfield staunchly believes on the health benefits of the bee sting and promotes her idea by talks and other training sessions.

Ruth Meredith considers herself a non-conventional bee keeper, as she studies the bees and cultivates bee products for their various medicinal applications. Meredith medicates herself every day with a cocktail of bee remedies that she proposed help cure her ailments.

Despite the fact that Food and Drug Administration and the American Medical Association don’t agree with Meredith’s version of bee-sting benefits and have not approved or verified her treatments; she still believes in her theory and hopes the wider world would one day agree with her.

Meredith takes pollen capsules like daily vitamins; Meredith’s remedy is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins that help getting rid of a variety of seasonal allergies. Meredith recommends her family a hose that comes out of a beehive to inhale the vapours produced inside; according to Meredith, these vapours have healing tendencies against bronchitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory ailments.

Meredith also talks about a special gooey material called Royal Jelly which is primarily produced by the worker bees to feed newly hatched queen bee larvae. According to Meredith this substance is highly antiseptic, anti-viral and antibacterial and can replace synthetic antiseptic soaps and sprays.

Other applications of the Royal Jelly according to Apitherapy practitioners include curing anorexia, lack of sexual desire in women, hair loss, and impotence. Another indirect substance that contribute to Apitherapy is the tree sap called Propolis which is common in the woods and is used by the bees to coat their hives and has been used as a treatment for burns, allergies and sore throats for many centuries; it is believed to contain cure for some forms of cancers as well.

Then comes the most bizarre application of bees to cure ailments and that is the bee-sting. Meredith suffers from arthritis that rose from an injury causing certain joints in her body to constantly ache. When its get a problematic and pain gets out of hand, Meredith takes a couple of bee stings, and it instantly relieves her of the excruciating joint aches.

Meredith is not alone in using this bizarre ancient technique to cure pains; Apitherapy science also recommends bee string for the treatments of both Lyme diseases and Parkinson. Bee stings have also been reported to have worked for Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Meredith said that the venom from the bee sting is considered an anti-bacterium that kills bacteria and other parasites and facilitates the production of cortisol that in turn accelerates the healing process.



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