Packing Tips To Make Your European Travels Easier

Doug Williams

Who doesn’t love to travel? Many people love to travel to Europe – it is an amazing place because it is relatively easy to move around within the continent once you are there.

You can visit many places in one trip but even if you just want to stay in one place while you are there, there are so many different rich, historical, artistic and cultural spots in every European city that there is never a shortage of things to do and places to see.

That being said. Obviously Europe has some differences compared to America, and some things that Americans are used to won’t necessarily be readily available in Europe. Just like with any other trip, being sure to pack properly can really make a difference in creating a stress-free time.


One of the best tips that you can use is to pack lightly. Do not make the mistake of bringing your whole closet with you so that you have every clothing option that you would have while you are at home.


It is much smarter to pack sparingly as opposed to just packing more. Pack fewer things but make sure that they are more versatile so that you can use them in various ways with various outfits and different looks.

There is typically a lot of walking in Europe, and you are not going to want to carry an extremely heavy bag up tons of stairs, through packed streets, or on crowded public transit systems.

No one wants to lug around an extremely heavy suitcase or backpack while you are trying to enjoy yourself and take in the sights. The heavy and uncomfortable nature of an over stuffed backpack can truly detract from the experience sometimes.

Shoes are certainly something to consider, find a good versatile pair of shoes that will go well with many outfits, you want them to be comfortable and not take up too much space. So many times picking out the perfect shoes can be one of the most difficult tasks while packing for a European adventure.



If you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking or even a lot of walking, it is imperative that you pack a comfortable pair of hiking shoes – or sneakers, running shoes, whichever you prefer – shoes that are practical are a must if you plan on being on your feet a lot as part of your European experience.

That being said, you are most likely going to want to go out at night as well, whether it be to a club, a bar or just a restaurant. You are going to want to look good, so a fancier pair of shoes should also be on the packing list as well.

When it comes to shoes for both men and women it is going to hard, if not nearly impossible, to stick with one pair of shoes, because there is not going to be just one that will satisfy all of your needs that you are going to have while on your big Euro trip.


As far as other items of clothing that you should bring, it is a subjective thing based on what you typically wear. You should be sure to bring stuff that can serve as a layer, because you never know just how hot or cold it is going to be.

Many times the difference between day and night can be stark, and you do not want to bring all your thick jumpers or coats. But you also do not want to be too cold, so often having a scarf can help as it can keep you warm but also dress up your outfit a little bit at night. A lightweight zip up is good as well.

Since you are not going to be packing a lot, you are probably going to have to wash some of your clothes so that you have enough clean clothes for your whole vacation. Often there are laundromats nearby or, depending on where you are staying; they will have somewhere for you to wash your clothes and other stuff in the sink. This is something that you can look into when you figure out where you are staying and what type of place you are staying in.


Packing is something that is very hard for just about any person and most people do not look forward to packing for a trip, even a trip that they are very excited about.

It can be very stressful to try to figure out just what to bring and what to leave behind. There are so many things to take into consideration, such as what you would like to look like and how functional you want your outfits to be.

For such a big trip, such as a European vacation, it is important to pack smartly, and that can be done best if there is planning that goes into packing. This is not something that should be done last minute, as you are going to need to have some strategy for the size and weight of things and for what you want to bring. Researching a good amount will also help.


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