Prep Packs Survival Belt

Over the years I’ve seen a few survival belts, everything from leather with extras through to paracord belts have been popular at one time or another. I’ve even tried a few but always end up back with my trusty leather belt that I’ve had for years.

Maybe this survival belt from Prep Packs is different, it looks well thought out and it’s got some useful items in it that are easy to use and replace as needed.

The key with all these things is the carry ability of the belt without it having lumps all over it and Rob looks like he’s nailed that issue with his slightly oversized buckle, which really isn’t any bigger than a lot of other buckles but it’s a lot more useful than just keeping your pants up.


Here’s some information from Rob Kendall’s Kickstarter page

The Prep Packs Survival Belt allows you to carry all of the essentials for outdoor survival inside your belt buckle.

I started this journey about 2 years ago and to have a finished product in hand is a huge success to me. This comes after many prototypes and modifications to get the perfect product. Much of this was spent finding high quality products that will fit perfectly into the buckle compartment.

The first prototype was functional and had great features however we quickly realized the buckle was too bulky. I wanted a sleek modern look and set on with the mission of finding the right products for this new sleek design.

Today I hold one finished product in hand. The necessity survival items inside the fully equipped buckle include:


Grade AA Button Compass
Folding Razor Knife
Titanium Whistle
Ferrocerium Rod
Dog Tag Signaling Mirror
Micro Flashlight
Two Tinder Tabs
6ft of 3 strand Kevlar Cordage
Mini Fishing Kit
One 3/4″ x 6″ Duct Tape
Safety Pin
Two Water Purification Tablets

The Buckle is 3″ x 1 3/4″ and the compartment has a depth of 3/8″.

The belt itself is 40″ in length and can be adjusted by simply cutting it and singing the end with a lighter. It is made of 1 1/2″ extra stiff scuba webbing so it will not sag or fold under the stress of gear.


You can see more information supporting the Prep Packs Survival Belt here.

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