Re-scaling a Spartan Swiss Army Knife with E-waste – DIY

By Paul Pinkerton
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Re-scaling a Spartan Swiss Army Knife with E-waste – DIY

Paul Pinkerton
Swiss Army Knife needing repair
Swiss Army Knife needing repair

We’ve all got or seen an old SAK somewhere about, if it’s in need of some TLC has a read of this and give it a go to create something new but rather cool.

My dad gave this Spartan to me back in 1992 and I’ve been carrying it on my key chain for my daily use. Although I have many others SAK’s with me, this one seems special to me.

Bent old scale


Faded logo – can some one tell me what generation logo is this?


Chipped off the small blade

First of all, remove the old scale with my P4 blade


The inside of the scale – I glued it with Dunlop glue long time ago.

Next, I pulled out the PCB from a used DVD-ROM and traced the scale on it.



Made a rough cut.

Ground out to -1mm size (to be explained later)


Drill thru PCB

Next, I prepared the mold for the new scale using 5mm thick PVC board


Pasted with double sided type to hold in position

Prepared the resin using this.


Into this


Make sure it is water levered for uniform thickness


Also, make sure the surface which contact to resin is free from oil or water, or you will have yourself this


The white color area looks like not fully bonded with resin.

The next morning it turns to this ugly looking chocolate bars

It warped during the drying process, and this required a lot of grinding later


More grinding on the center area to compensate the warp phenomenon.

** Notice that the -1mm? I want the resin to fully cover the surround so that there will be no chance for the PCB to be exposed.
** I skipped a lot of photos for 2 hours of grinding and polishing job, I left my camera behind

Finally, with some epoxy and another 12 hours of drying time, I made myself this:


Next, I will find myself some time to get all the blades and tools polished to mirror finish.


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