From Reused Windows To A Charming Cabin In The Woods (video)

While many of us dream of having big, luxurious getaway houses, filled with expensive furniture, Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz had a simple and unique dream. They wanted to have a peaceful, charming and cheap retreat for themselves, located far away from the crowded city.

With their creativity, Nick being a photographer and Lilah a designer, they managed to build a peaceful, creative retreat in the forests of the mountains of West Virginia.

The front facade is the most stunning element of the cottage, giving it charm and a uniqueness that sets it apart in the world of cabins.


It is made out of old reused windows in different shapes and sizes, placed in different positions on the facade, which gives a transparent, modern, and rustic look to the cabin.

On the facade, you can see the creative input and effort that the couple invested, making this wonderful blend of old and new work so well to represent them in their cabin.

The process of building the cabin lasted just a few months, and the couple managed to put it together for just around $500. They managed to build the majority of it with reused materials that they gathered from an abandoned barn, located near their new sanctuary.

For those few months they dedicated their energy and time, and in the end, they know it was all worth it. “We were able to make it a reality because we are first artists and creators. We had to be resourceful to do it cheaply.” – said Nick.

The charming facade of reused glass windows gives the home a dashing atmosphere and ambiance, especially when the sun hits the different pieces of glass.


“That’s when everything inside is on fire” – said Lilah.

Although Nick and Lilah live in the Milwaukee, they tend to spend as much time as they can on their charming property in the mountains. Having a place like that gives them the opportunity to leave the city for a couple of days, and recharge their batteries in the surroundings of the fresh air, green trees and the sound of nature.

Not having electricity and plumbing is not a problem for the couple, they say that it is a way to get in touch and connect with nature and the environment, and embracing the beauty of it.



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