Review of the Casstrom: No.3 Dangler – Knife Sheath Accessory

Knives, knives, knives… Over the years we’ve handled thousands of knives and if we’re honest the staff here at Outdoor Revival HQ love getting them in for review, working with them and playing with them.

This review from John Fenna of Bushcraft UK isn’t about the knife but more about how you carry it, here’s he’s reviewing a ‘dangler’ addition to a normal sheath so that instead of keeping it tight to your belt there’s more movement and some find it easier to access, we can see what John says about it below.

Wearing your knife on an extended belt loop or “dangler” is a popular option these days, but not every knife sheath comes with this option.



Now Casstrom have come up with their handy No 3 Dangler that can instantly add a dangler to any standard knife sheath with up to a 34mm wide belt loop and which can be worn on belts up to 5cm wide.

The riveted 3mm veg tan cowhide loop comes in Cognac Brown, Dark Brown or Black, while the 450kg breaking strain D-ring carabiner is made from 8mm aluminum with a brass finish.

With minimal effort you can now transform your sheath into a “low rider” for ease of access if you are wearing a jacket over your belt, are toting a rucksack with a wide and deep hip belt, or just have a waist that bulges over your belt…


The dangler also gives added comfort if you are sitting, and allows quick and easy removal of your knife when you return to “civilization” where knives need to be kept out of sight.

The carabiner on its own offers a host of possibilities (other than climbing use – don’t be silly now!) and when not holding your knife can be used around camp in various roles.


I am surprised no-one ever thought to produce this simple and effective bit of kit before!
The Casstrom No 3 Dangler costs about $14.95 and is super versatile.


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