ROAV – World’s Thinnest Folding Sunglasses

Sun, Sun, Sun… I have to say that right now there’s not much shining down on the Outdoor Revival HQ, but I know that soon there will be, and I’ll be looking for my sunglasses and then when I’m out and about I’ll be cursing the fact that they’re cumbersome and need to be protected.

These shades from ROAV look like just the thing to use and then stash as needed, a lot less worrying about breaking them.

The ROAV shades are an Indiegogo offering that you can sign up to, it was fully backed in December so it should all go ahead smoothly…


Thinner than an iPhone & built to endure, ROAV sunglasses are designed to always be with you, empowering you to stay nimble, plan less, & be ready for anything. Made possible with our patent pending system of micro screw-less hinges, ROAV sunglasses spring open & close, never come loose, & provide a comfortable yet secure fit.

At ROAV, we pair vintage style with state of the art technology. Our patent pending system of micro screwless hinges enable the first truly pocketable folding shades.

ROAV sunglasses clock in at mere 8.5 mm when folded. Folding Wayfarers are nearly four times as thick, and nowhere near thin enough to pocket. The difference is in our design approach. Our competitors simply modify existing frames to create foldability. ROAV isn’t burdened by heritage and doesn’t use any stock components. We design our eyewear from the ground up to be both beautiful and truly pocketable.

ROAV sunglasses are constructed from scratch-resistant ion-plated stainless steel. Our patent pending system of micro screwless spring hinges require zero maintenance and won’t loosen over time. The flat folding design eliminates pressure on the hinges when the glasses are folded, so you can feel comfortable putting them in your back pocket or purse.

Spring hinges and individually adjustable temples ensure a stable and tailored fit on most face shapes and sizes. Weighing in at under 20 grams, ROAV sunglasses will remain comfortable all day long.


We selected premium nylon lenses for their lightness and flexibility. The addition of a polarizing filter ensures maximum reduction of glare. All our lenses provide UV and IR protection and are coated to resist reflections, fingerprints, and scratches.

Protective yet minimal, our handmade pouch is constructed from 100% vegetable tanned leather.

Unlike a standard eyewear screw hinge that is glued, soldered, or riveted to the frame, our unique screwless hinges are actually press formed into the sheet metal frame itself. This ultra minimal construction enables a design that is incredibly small and durable. The hinges also have an inherent springiness, so they won’t come loose over time and prevent the glasses from folding or unfolding unintentionally.


You can see more information on the ROAV – World’s Thinnest Folding Sunglasses on the Indiegogo page. Where you can purchase your very own shades.

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