The Rumpl Puffe-, A Portable Battery-Powered Heated Blanket

This is just cool, we’ve been seeing heated jacket and heated bike gear for ages and now we’ve got a heated blanket but for camping, I know my wife will probably want one.  A few spare battery packs and there’s a weekends extra warmth…

The Rumpl Puffe- is a portable battery-powered heated blanket. It combines three ideas that were all conceived on Kickstarter.

The Puffe- is a portable battery-powered heated blanket. It warms you in seconds and can charge your mobile devices. It is durable, water resistant, machine washable, and extremely lightweight. It is the smartest, most travel-ready heated blanket ever designed.


It comes in Moss Green…


And Charcoal Grey…


It’s available in two versions: Sustainably sourced Natural Down fill and Synthetic fill. Both types pack down and fit in a small stuff sack for easy transport.



The Puffe- is made with the same high performance materials commonly found in premium sleeping bags and puffy jackets. The shell material is a DWR Ripstop 20D Nylon that is durable and water resistant.

There are two fill options to choose from: Sustainably sourced Natural Down fill and Synthetic Fill. Both options are highly packable, ultralight, and rated to 45 degrees without the heating element turned on.



The Puffe- warms up in seconds using the Ravean carbon heating system. This revolutionary system is insanely durable and literally cannot lose conductivity unless it’s cut by a machete. Additionally, the system is exceptionally safe because it’s not made of metal so you’ll never come in contact with hot wires. All wiring is buried between two ‘sandwiched’ baffle constructions rendering the heating system completely unnoticeable. There are 3 different heat settings, which allow the temperature rating of the Puffe- to be improved by up to 30 degrees.

Charging and Power:

The Power Practical battery can be fully recharged in 90 minutes and can charge your mobile devices up to 4 times. It can run the blanket for 10 hours on the low-heat setting, 6 hours on medium-heat, and 4 hours on high-heat.


Read more about this on the Kickstarter campaign page here

Sizing and Storage:

Both the natural down and the synthetic fill versions are 54″x80″ when laid flat and can easily cover even the tallest travelers. The down version weighs just 2.1 lbs and compresses into a stuff sack that measures 6×12″, while the synthetic version weighs 3.4 lbs and packs down to 8×16″.



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