SELFLY Camera: The smart, flying, phone case camera

I’m not a selfie type person, there’s nothing about it that really appeals to me but I do get wanting to take picture and video while we’re out and about doing things. Particularly getting angles when you’re trying to demonstrate something.

I don’t want to go out and get a drone, although we have one here at Outdoor Revival HQ but having one that’s so portable and will do the basic things that I need seems great. After all, if I end up breaking it, it’s a lot cheaper to replace than the $2500 company drone!

So with all that in mind, this looks like a great product from SELFLY Camera. Here’s some more information from their Kickstarter page which can be found here.


SELFLY is an autonomous flying camera which doubles as a phone case.

Using high end stabilization technology, we have successfully managed to develop and autonomous flying camera which quickly snaps off your phone when you want to use it. Users simply snap SELFLY off their phone, set it in the air, and let it do its magic – it actually flies itself.

Built from scratch to perform as an invisible tripod, the SELFLY will hover autonomously in the air and wait for control orders sent by the app. It’s simply based on video processing to execute that perfect shot.

They say that the technology used in the Apollo 11 moon landing was no more powerful than a mobile phone. We decided that instead of a rocket ship why not tap into the processing power of today’s smartphones and create an autonomous flying camera that can capture your point of view from a different angle? From there SELFLY was born!

SELFLY’s patent pending folding mechanism enables it to fold into a 9mm thin phone case with chic design, making it the ultimate high tech camera system. It fits comfortably in your pocket so it can be with you at all times.



You can see more information on the SELFLY Camera’s Kickstarter Page. Where you can purchase your very own SELFLY drone

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