Ship Sinks – A New “Landmark” at Florida’s Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach TV
Pompano Beach TV

Florida is known for its great weather, for its beaches, for the beautiful oceans and water and the natural habitats surrounding it. There is an abundance of coral reefs in Florida, and all this is a big draw to the state for many people. Tourists often go to Florida because it’s a beautiful environment, with clear waters and sun all year round.

Now there’s a new attraction in the Florida waters, a sunken casino ship off of Pompano Beach. This past July, hundreds of divers sat around awaiting the final sinking of “Lady Luck” which was created to be an underwater casino. Spectators on over 300 ships were eager to see the ship submerged.

Pompano Beach

Many reading this may be thinking that this is just your average sunken ship. However, Lady Luck is much more; it was designed to be an interactive attraction with sharks and different art added to make it more interesting for the thousands of divers that will be visiting the wreck each year.

Unfortunately right after the ship sunk the divers who went down found that the visibility was limited and would take a couple of days to clear so they were not able to get a good look at the ship in situ.

The artwork and additions consist of beautiful statues inside the ship as well as various pieces of artwork which will serve to enhance the overall attraction and create a truly interesting and unique viewing experience for the divers. There’s also fake slot machines, poker tables, mirrors and an underground casino. This will certainly become one of the significant attractions of the Florida coast.


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