Skycamp: Is this the Ultimate Roof Tent

This has got to be one of the best roof tents ever, and I’ve used a few in my time. Just last week I sold on my last roof tent from my Defender 110 and now seeing this beauty I’m itching to replace it!



Obviously, there are plenty of hardcore outdoors people that would not be seen dead camping in a roof tent, but there’s plenty more people, me included, that would be seen, alive, in this roof tent.

There’s something just cool about being able to stop, pull the box open and go to bed, get up, put it away and off you go, minimal footprint, considerate to your environment and so convenient.


Here’s more information about their Kickstarter campaign:


The Skycamp is an expandable tree house on wheels that takes less than a minute to set up. It is made for life on the road, so you can take off whenever, stop wherever, and comfortably fall asleep looking up at the stars. After four years of sketches, prototypes, tests, and consistent improvements, iKamper is proud to present this incredible roof top tent.

The iKamper Story


My name is Soon Park, and I am the founder and CEO of iKamper. In my twenties, I was deeply inspired by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and in 2009 I embarked on an unforgettable journey: my family and I covered 58,000 miles all across North America over a period of 3 years. Ever since then I have been fascinated with camping.

After returning home in 2012, I founded iKamper to find a better solution for life on the road. After many tests, prototypes, and improvements on our previous three models, my team and I are proud to present the Skycamp: an EXPANDABLE hard shell roof top tent that sets up in LESS than a minute!

We are a very small team with big dreams: with your support we hope to bring iKamper to the world! Let the free-spirited around the world hit the road, stop where they want and fall asleep looking up at the stars, without having to give up comfort or go through the difficulties I did.


– Soon Park, iKamper Founder



Skycamp rethinks the way you go camping with the following features:

Feature 1: Expandable Floor

The Skycamp is incredibly spacious, and its king-size mattress can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children, or 3 adults.

Feature 2: Easy to Open and Close

The Skycamp is extremely easy to both open and close – anyone can do it.

Feature 3: One-Minute Setup

Setting up the Skycamp is so simple: anyone can do it in under a minute.

Feature 4: Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

The Skycamp’s floor is made of high-performance honeycomb panels that are extremely strong, lightweight, and durable.

Feature 5: Universal Mounting

The Skycamp’s universal mounting system allows it to be installed on almost all cross-bars. Two people can easily mount it, and at 150lbs it is compatible with most racks’ dynamic weight limit of 165lbs.

Feature 6: Aerodynamic

Its innovative clamshell-like hard top is aerodynamic, sleek and lightweight, which improves fuel efficiency.

Feature 7: Skyview

Our signature Skyview lets you fall asleep looking up at the stars.

Feature 8: Waterproof & Wind-Resistant

Both Skycamp’s tent materials are waterproof, and come equipped with a rain fly for added protection. It is also wind resistant and has been officially tested in winds up to 20m/s or 44mph. These are VERY high winds, and the video below is used to show the Skycamp’s wind resistance ONLY.

Users should exercise caution at all times, and iKamper does NOT recommend camping in such windy conditions (National Weather Service issues a High Wind Warning when winds above 40mph are expected).

You can see more information on the Skycamp Kickstarter Page. Where you can purchase your very own Skycamp rooftop tent.


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