SMOVE: Smartphone Stabilizer & PowerBank in One

The majority of photographs and video probably get taken on smartphones now, which is why companies are investing so much in technology around these areas. I know that I’m very impressed with the video quality on my iP7+ and some of the images we put up on Outdoor Revival are from phones, I can see a time when a lot more content on Outdoor Revival is generated via phone camera’s and the trusty DSLR’s and Camcorder and the like will get relegated to the shelf or draw.

Because they’ve become so popular the accessories are multitudinous, and there’s a big push to get phones as usable as cameras, this leads us to video stabilization equipment, and the SMOVE seems to be a great bit of kit for holding things steady while filming. The auto follow and 360 degree settings are great as well.

Here’s more information from their site:


An intelligent smartphone stabilizer, with a built-in charger, easily portable with pro features.

SMOVE is the only smartphone stabilizer that doubles as a charger for your phone of any size, with pro features. Advanced features: automated 360 degree panorama shots, auto face follow video recording, full rotational control for maximum stabilization, tripod and extension adapter mount. Easily portable, fits in your pocket.

Say goodbye to jittery and shaky videos – get professional looking, smooth videos using your smartphone with the SMOVE stabilizer.


Stabilizes your smartphone videos and charges your phone at the same time.

Easily portable, small enough to carry, throw in your pocket or bag.



Get 180-360° panorama shots, in vertical or horizontal orientation, automatically captured and stitched for you.

We set out to design and develop the smartest and most versatile smartphone stabilizer. After a year of development and testing, SMOVE is now ready for manufacturing.



Prices for the Smove go from $119 so if it does what you want to it do, it could be well worth the investment…  You can get more information from their Indiegogo campaign page.


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