So you want to move to the country – A few pointers

There are a wide array of differences between living in the countryside and living in the city. For many, at first, the adjustment can be very hard for a variety of reasons. First of all, the actual landscape is vastly different. Second of all, often the culture and social trends are very different.

Those used to living in the city may be more aware of the scarcity of things – not being able to pop into the convenience store, or even having a cell phone signal. So for those of you who are making the move from a big city to a more relaxed and outdoorsy countryside, here are some tips on what you should and should not do!

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First of all, you should not only know what you are about to get yourself into, but you should also be very aware of yourself, your strengths, weaknesses and also the strengths and weaknesses of anyone you’re moving with. You need to know if you want to start from the ground up or move into a preexisting house, building a house out in the countryside can certainly be a more involved process than just moving into a house or even building a place.

You need to know what you can handle, know the time span that you are willing to wait and work for what you want. Make sure to communicate with whoever you have moved there with so that you can be sure that you are on the same page.

It’s fair to say that most of us as human beings are more capable than we think so there’s no harm in setting yourself a challenge, just be prudent as to what challenges you set yourself.  Living in the country can be a hugely rewarding life but it can also be really hard work.  The weather can impact you a lot more and depending on the work you do the available daylight or lack of it can have a bigger impact than in the city.


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Be sure to know your future neighbors. In the countryside, things are much more spread out so if there is a house even a bit close to you; these people are your neighbors and for better or worse you are going to have interactions with them.

Oddly enough, a thought that often does not cross people’s minds is the length of their driveway. This can be a game changer, too long and you might feel too isolated, but too short and you might fall prey to the dusty roads while lounging in your front yard. It can be a delicate balance and can often be overlooked by those who are not used to country roads. Visit a few properties and get a feel for what you think works for you.

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Know that despite your best intentions you may to have to remove some trees from your property in order to create the home that you want, the land you’ve got isn’t always perfect, and we need to make some changes. If you are a staunch environmentalist then just plan on planting some new ones to replace the old ones but in more convenient locations for what you are doing with your new property.

Be aware that being friendly will get you a long way, this is not the fast-paced, hustle and bustle of a city where everyone is off rushing around everywhere. People in the countryside want to know their neighbors; they want to know and talk to those around them. Wave, be friendly, chat with those who you are going to see regularly and avoid getting labeled as the rude city slicker who moved in from out of town.

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Moving to the countryside is great, but it can be a huge adjustment, this article by no means covers all aspects of a move to the country, it can be a complicated and time-consuming process that you need to research well.

It can be the opportunity to sit and play your guitar on a beautiful summer evening, you just need to make sure it happens, good luck to you on your adventure.


fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival