Start the fall season with cool outdoor activities

Playing outside in fall

The days are getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean you need lock yourself up inside and wait until spring before you can venture out into the outdoors again. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year for a lot of folk, especially those who like to spend their time in the great outdoors, no matter what the weather conditions are.

If you are one of these intrepid people who are always ready for a new challenge, then check out this list of activities that you can do outside the leaves are turning that gorgeous autumnal gold.

Go mountain biking

Mountain biking
Mountain biking

Let’s be clear – you can go biking at any time of the year, except perhaps in icy conditions. But mountain biking in fall can show you the most beautiful sights because of the orange, yellow, and golden brown colors of the leaves along the trails. It’s an amazing feeling to ride a bike through dry leaves and feel the clean fresh air in your lungs. Depending on where you live, try to find a biking trail surrounded by lots of trees or in the middle of a forest. Go out there and find your favorite biking trail!

Take a scenic drive

Enjoy a scenic drive through the beautiful colors fall has to show us
Enjoy a scenic drive through the beautiful colors fall has to show us

From early to mid fall the trees have the most magical look, so instead of spending time staring at your laptop, go for a drive around your city, through the woods or over a mountain. You will be presented with all the colors that nature wears at this time of year.

Go pumpkin picking

Fall season means pumpkin season! It’s the time when restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops start selling pumpkin desserts, soups, and drinks. Or if you want, you can buy a whole pumpkin anywhere around town. What’s great fun is to go to a local pumpkin patch and pick one for yourself. If you go to a pumpkin patch you can often enjoy a free hayride or pet some animals too.

Host a bonfire

On a chilly fall day, you can gather all your friends and organize a bonfire night. There’s nothing better than sharing a hot drink around a fire with good friends. You can always get your barbecue out and grill some food for everybody. A chamomile tea or a hot wine with cinnamon sticks are great warming drinks you can prepare for your guests.

Enjoying the coziness of a bonfire with friends
Enjoying the coziness of a bonfire with friends

Go climbing

The best time of the year to go rock climbing is during the fall because it’s not too hot. Also, the rocks are more exposed in this period because the greenery has begun to die back. When the weather is cooler, there are fewer bugs that will irritate you while you’re trying to conquer that rock face.

Fall is probably the best season to go climbing
Fall is probably the best season to go climbing

Take photos

Fall offers amazing images that you can capture on your camera. Don’t miss the opportunity to get outside and take some great shots of the beauty that nature displays on a sunny day in fall, or take some great pictures of wildlife.

Go camping 

Cooler weather – fewer people. If you always have a problem finding the perfect camping spot where you can get real peace and quiet, in fall that’s a lot easier. People don’t like camping in October, so it’s most likely that you will have the camping ground for yourself.

Visit an orchard 

Apple tree orchard
Apple tree orchard

The best months for picking apples are September and October, and most of the orchards open their doors to the public and people who like to get involved and help. There is really no reason not to do so because it’s real fun, it’s outdoors, and you’ll get to eat as many fresh apples as you want. Think of all the apple pies, juice, cider, and cookies you can make after one day spent in an apple orchard.

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