Staying healthy on the road

One of the most important things every traveler should learn is how to stay healthy while on the road. There is nothing that you need more than your health while traveling. Therefore, it’s vital that you prepare for your trip in the proper way to make sure that you have the best chance of keeping a good level of health and fitness while on you trip.

Even if you’re just planning a camping weekend, you need to be in good health if you want to enjoy your time in the backcountry. And that includes being aware of all the nasty bugs and viruses that you can catch if you’re not careful enough.

Here are few tips on how to prepare and stay healthy on the road.

Do some research

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Druid Hills CDP in DeKalb County, Georgia, as seen from Emory University – Author: Nrbelex – CC BY-SA 2.5
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Druid Hills CDP in DeKalb County, Georgia, as seen from Emory University – Author: Nrbelex – CC BY-SA 2.5

Wherever you’re planning to travel, you need to check what the health issues are for that area. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or similar National public health organization, will be able to give you the relevant information about what should you know regarding the country or countries you plan on visiting.


Make early appointments for all the vaccinations you need, at least a month before departure. Your doctor needs a certain amount of time to see if you have any allergic reactions to the vaccine. The extra time will give you a chance to recover from any symptoms of fever, fatigue or nausea before your trip. Imagine having everything booked, and then finding out that the vaccine is not working well enough for you. Do everything in good time.

Up to date prescriptions

Get any prescriptions sorted well before you travel
Get any prescriptions sorted well before you travel

If you suffer from a chronic illness and you need to take medicine on a regular basis, make sure you get all the necessary prescriptions organized to take with you. Some countries don’t allow the importing of any prescription drugs, and you could need proof that they’re your personal use. Bringing all the paperwork you need will save you time and trouble.

Physical preparation

If you are planning an active vacation where you’ll be going such things as white-water rafting, climbing, or skydiving, then you need to be in good physical shape. Visiting the gym a few months prior to the vacation is a must if you want to prepare your body for any type of challenging activity. The last thing you need is to injure a muscle while enjoying your holiday. Have your physician give you a fitness checkup and get their go ahead for the activities you have planned.

Be honest with your doctor

Talk to your docotor
Talk to your docotor

You need to be completely honest with your doctor before taking any malaria pills. If there’s a mental illness history in your family, then you can’t take certain anti-malaria medicine, and your physician needs to know about it. Don’t lie to them.

Dental health

What’s worse than a painful toothache in a foreign country with a bad reputation for its dental service? If there’s no clean water for brushing your teeth, use dental floss. You need to keep your gums and teeth in good health while traveling to avoid any complications.

Dental health is important
Dental health is important

Bring proof of travel insurance

Some countries won’t let you enter without some form of health insurance. Make sure you have one that covers all the costs and lasts longer than your planned stay. Have it handy at every airport you land at or border you cross.

First-aid kit

Bring a first-aid kit with aspirin, bandages, antibacterial cream, and a lot of antihistamines. You never know if you’re going to be allergic to some plants, insect, or even food. Always be ready to look after yourself. You need to react fast before things progress. If there’s no professional help nearby, then you need to be able to act as your own doctor.

Pack a first-aid kit suitable for your trip
Pack a first-aid kit suitable for your trip


Remember to take plenty of sunscreen no matter where you go or what time of the year. The sun is always a potential problem. Take care and good luck!

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