Staying inside Eiffel for a night – Every tourist’s dream trip of Paris

Doug Williams

With a dramatic surge in tourism, the various facilities provided for tourists in the world’s most iconic places, have also seen a considerable increase.

Travel and tourism have now morphed into an adventure that you can embark on, with hotels, restaurants, and other site-seeing bookings literally at your fingertips.

Already famous for its fragrances, exquisite hotels and of course the Eifel Tower, the city of Paris now offers a one of a kind experience, to spend your nights in Paris in the 984-foot Eifel Tower.


Sadly, this opportunity is only for a selected few and is not available for everyone who visits Paris. The Vacation Rental service HomeAway is presenting the chance for four contestants to spend a night in Eifel Tower. The contestants will have to go through a competition run by the HomeAway as part of its ongoing sponsorship for the EUFA Euro cup.


The company has claimed that the winners of the contest will be among the very first to sleep inside this famous landmark, a feat unique in Eiffel Tower’s 129-year history. For the occasion, a makeshift bedroom and some living space will be set up in Eiffel Tower’s first floor for the winners.

The vacation package does not only include the overnight stay in Eiffel Tower’s bedroom, winners will also enjoy a full three night stay elsewhere in Paris with all the costs of the transportation included in the package.

The entrants will have to address a writing prompt detailing their plans as to what they will do with the accommodations for a panel of judges to consider the entry.

The CEO of the company behind the idea HomeAway admitted that he was a bit unsure in the beginning when his marketing team pitched him the idea which initially seemed to him a bit sketchy. But after listening to his team, Brian Sharples decided to go ahead with the plan as he saw a great opportunity in this unique undertaking for company’s promotion of its sponsorship.



The next step was even more challenging for Sharples’ marketing team and for Sharples himself, as they had to take up the idea to the Parisians for the general approval.

HomeAway adamantly sought French authority’s approval which they eventually managed to attain as the French authorities of Paris saw an opportunity to draw more tourism to the city.


fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival