SunZee Wearable sunscreen dispenser for on-the-go protection

SunZee launched a crowdfunding campaign for their wearable sunscreen dispenser designed for anyone who spends time outdoors. The wristband ensures users always have sunscreen when they need it most.

SunZee is always within sight and always within reach so it’s easy to remember to reapply and stay protected. Intuitively designed, users press onto the wristband, and sunscreen comes out directly onto their fingertips. Each capsule contains two doses of 40 SPF water resistant sunscreen formulated for outdoor activity.

It is FDA approved, chemical free, easily applies to wet skin, and does not burn the eyes or make your hands slippery or sticky, capsules are also fully recyclable.

SunZee is now available on Kickstarter starting at $45. Each pledge will include a wristband, set of 30 sunscreen capsules, and neoprene carrying case.

As avid surfers and outdoor enthusiasts, Co-Founders Nitsan Nir, Heday Kinarti, and Ori Ram, wanted a product that made sun protection accessible.

“We’ve been surfing and biking ever since we were kids. Over the last few years we’ve come to realize that we are suffering from sun damage caused by unprotected exposure,” said co-founder Nitsan Nir. “The issue wasn’t that we didn’t wear sunscreen, but that we weren’t reapplying it.”

As their own children now enjoy the outdoors, the SunZee team were also concerned about their kids staying protected.

“Today, we are also concerned parents and want to help our kids stay protected. We looked for a solution, and when we couldn’t find one, we did what every entrepreneur does – came up with one ourselves. Two years later, after countless models and prototypes, we are proud to present SunZee!,” said Co-founder Ori Ram.

Nir added, “SunZee is designed for everyone who enjoys spending time out in the sun, whether you surf, snowboard, or simply enjoy spending time with your kids in the park, the wristband is always within sight and within reach so it’s super easy to re-apply. It’s also a fun way to help educate kids about the importance of sunscreen”


jack-beckett is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival