Surfing with Icebergs, have you got what it takes…

Doug Williams

Whenever you picture people surfing, you normally imagine them riding waves onto a hot beach in a tropical or warm climate such as Hawaii or California.

Most people do not picture a person surfing the waves among icebergs, but that is exactly what these Arctic surfers do – they ride waves while surrounded by hundreds of glaciers. Many people may be wondering just how these so-called Arctic surfers actually do it in such cold temperatures.


These Arctic surfers can be found surfing the waves among the tons and tons of glaciers off the beaches of Iceland. Just because these Arctic surfers ride these waves does not mean that the water is warm, far from it.

Obviously, the presence of the icebergs indicates that it’s cold. The temperature of the water is around forty-five degrees Fahrenheit, so a vastly different experience to the warm waters of California.

This is something that has been going on for quite a while now; these surfers love to ride these waves off of the beach. There has been a heightened awareness of it after the photographer, and filmmaker Igor Bellido decided to see what this arctic surfing was all about. He went with a few of the surfers to take some videos and pictures of the amazing experience.

Not only did Igor Bellido get to see the Arctic surfers riding the waves in the nearly freezing water among the glaciers, but he also got to see the surfers ride the waves at night on glowing surfboards – a truly a spectacular sight to behold.


Igor described his trip to record these Arctic surfers as “one of the coldest places in the world”, which makes it all the more remarkable that these surfers, Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama, Artiza Saratxaga, and Lucia Martino, would attempt it.

The video that Igor ended up making of the three Arctic surfers had the support of a local company that helps to organize various forms of adventure travel and the different levels of surfing trips that take place around the island.

The company says that the best time of the year for a person to go surfing in the area is either the fall or the spring. The company also makes particularly warm wetsuits that these Arctic surfers can use in the cold water, and it also sells booties and gloves.

The crazy thing is that representatives from the company said that the local surfers who live in the area do not even wear the heavier wet suits in the summer seasons and instead opt for lighter wetsuits that do not have hoods.


The videos that Igor took show the stunning natural wonders all around the Arctic, creating a truly special and amazing experience for those that are brave enough to withstand the cold temperatures.


fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival