Surviving Animal Attacks – some Amazing Survival tales

Doug Williams

Early humans frequently wrestled with wild animals and killed many of them for food, whilst keeping other more powerful ones at bay using various tricks, traps and general evasion.

However, a trip to an unknown wilderness can potentially put you face to face to a wild beast that you may either have to outrun or fight.

Have a look at some of the most amazing wild attack survivals of recent times.


Chase Dellwo – Fight a Grizzly Bear by Sticking your Arms down his Gullet

No bear survival guide has this survival tip, even in its top 100 list. However, if you believe Chase Dellwo, this seemingly daft trick works like a charm.

On October 3 2015, while hunting for Elk in the wilderness of Montana, Dellwo was attacked by an enormous 400-pound grizzly. The initial force of attack knocked Dellwo off his feet and before he could recover, the bear had taken bitten his head and leg and was violently tossing him around like a rag doll. Out of nowhere, Dellwo remembered an article his mother had sent him years earlier; it said that big wild animals have poor gag reflexes. So, without giving it a second thought and risking a limb, Dellwo stuck his arm down the grizzly’s throat. The bear got so irritated he stopped his attack and ran away.


Gene Moe – You’d never know what the old man has gone through

When Gene Moe was attacked by a 750-pound grizzly bear in the Kodiak region of Alaska in 1999, the animal thought he had an easy meal. However, it was anything but. Despite being 68, Moe was a deceptively strong guy, which the grizzly learned the hard way.

Soon after the initial plunge by the bear, Moe apparently punched the bear in the face so hard, the force was enough to knock the massive bear out cold. After the giant was down, Moe quickly took his gun out and shot the bear twice in the chest and killed it on the spot. The story spread like wildfire and no one dared to mess with Moe the Bear killer again.

Frank Harmes – Man has no best friend, and its official

Not all the legends and myths are true, right? Sometimes our deeply held beliefs can also be challenged by certain circumstances and it is not a very pleasant feeling.



Frank Harmes loved his dog. While walking his ‘best friend’ in Morgan City, Alabama. Harmes found himself facing a hungry Mountain Lion. Frank immediately deployed the trick he had learnt somewhere by pretending to be unfazed by the encounter and trying to pose in a rather intimidating manner.

However, this did not deter the hungry beast, and the Mountain Lion decided to attack. Harmes, fearing for his life, took out his pocket knife out and repeatedly stabbed the animal, wounding it so badly that it ran away.

Wounded and shattered by the attack, Harmes looked around for his dog, whom he feared was killed by the Lion. Instead, the dog was standing a few feet away seemingly oblivious of the attack. So much for the ‘man’s best friend’.

Todd Endris – Saved by the Dolphins

Unlike Harmes’ dog, there are many other creatures that we often think about as harmless but never attribute ‘love for humans’ to them; for instance, dolphins.


Todd Endris was busy with his routine surfing off the coast of Monterey California when a great white shark took the opportunity and leapt in for a snack, taking a big bite out off Todd’s leg and back.

Traumatized by the surprise attack, Endris tried to escape, but the shark quickly returned to finish what it had started. But to Endris’ amazement and luck, a pod of large dolphins appeared out of nowhere and formed a protective circle around the wounded Endris, giving him enough time to get out of the shark’s range.



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