Talon – ultra lightweight pocket tool for everyday wear

We love to see new products that people are trying to get onto the market. This is a kickstarter project that’s caught our eye recently and so we thought we’d share it with you all.

17+ tools in one, doesn’t scratch your phone or tablet and made of aerospace & military composite, designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

The Talon adapts to your needs and ensures you have the tools to tackle any challenge. The internal storage compartment allows you to pick and choose the tools you might need for your next outing, be it snowboarding, cycling or about town. It’s your choice and the Talon’s got your back.




  • 17 tools to get you out of trouble
  • Adaptable – swappable hex tools to customize your carry
  • Won’t scratch your tech
  • TSA compliant for carry on
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Strong as die cast metal
  • Made of advanced composite from aerospace and military
  • Pocket friendly
  • Designed + manufactured in Melbourne, Australia

The talon is a pocket multitool that adapts to your lifestyle and perfect for people on the go. It gives you the tools you need to tackle all the things that life throws at you. Built for travel, the Talon goes wherever you do, pocket sized and lightweight to match. Adaptable, it allows you to mix and match the tools for your next adventure.


How often do you find small jobs becoming larger? Something like a loose screw requires you to stop what you are doing, waste time finding the screwdriver in the garage, come back to tighten it and put the tool back. What should have taken all of 20 seconds has now taken 5-10 minutes. When you add all those small jobs up it takes a lot of time. And more often than not, those jobs just don’t get done. The Talon lets you change that and keep all those small job small.



Swap out the hex drives for your next adventure. Whether you need Allen head through or Torx, the Talon holds any standard 1/4” hex drive to ensure it moves with you.

Integrated socket

The Talon makes using the screwdriver a pleasure by putting you in control. The original socket design allows your hand to be positioned similarly as you would with a regular screwdriver. A feature that many pocket tools can’t do.

Internal storage

The Talon lets you store 2 standard hex drives within its body. A flexible elastomer keeps the tools locked in place and ready when you need them.

40% lighter than titanium, the Talon is perfect to go where ever you do. It compactly Packs over 20 tools in a pocket sized carry bag.


Unibody design

The main body of the talon is made from a single material resulting in increased strength , stiffness and badassness

Technology friendly

The advanced composite material allows you to carry your Talon without fear of scratching your latest phone or tablet (unlike other multitools)

TSA compliant

The Talon complies to current TSA requirements for air travel.


jack-beckett is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival