The Cache Belt – innovative new fashion accessory features 24 hidden survival tools

Cache Belt
Cache Belt

The whole subject of surviving in the wilderness revolves around the notion that one must learn to survive as far as they could with the least provisions possible. The Bug-Out-Bag is no secret to survival enthusiasts, as it includes everything that you might need to survive in the wilderness packed in one bag that you can carry in the boot of your car.

However, this is the age of innovation, new ideas emerge with every rising sun, and the holy internet spreads these ideas faster than the speed of light all over the globe.

A new previously unheard initiative is causing a serious stir in the survivalists circles. The item is a belt that has the potential to significantly lessen the weight of your BOB, if not eliminate it altogether in the near future.

This is more like a fashion accessory which is specifically designed for the city slickers and habitual explorers alike. Faced with a life and death situation, you can merely reach for your waist, and chances are you will find all you need stored inside your belt.

Wazoo, a Texas-based company, has proudly launched its survival gear, a unisex belt. This belt is no different from an ordinary belt, in appearance that is, otherwise, the survival belt has 24 secret compartments to carry essential tools such as fishing hooks, whistle, and bandages among others.

The slimline belt made out of nylon features a signal mirror for emergencies and a buckle in the shape of a bottle opener. In case you rip your clothes, or your tent is damaged you can simply patch it up using needle and thread from your belts toolkit.

If you are stuck in the wilderness and it’s getting dark, you can whip out the powerful miniature flashlight to find your way home or to safety.

For elaborate guidance, the belt contains in itself a compass with a set of trail markers so that you don’t end up going in circles. Unlike Tom Hank’s character who has to wrestle with wood and straw for hours to make the fire, you can simply use the fire starter kit found in your belt to start a fire and keep warm. Water purification tablets and foldable containers will keep you hydrated during your adventure, Mail Online reported.

The project for the Cache Belt (the name of the survival belt) was launched on Kickstarter on September 20 and have since managed to swiftly raise the target funding of £5775 with more than 1200 backers pledging a whopping £58,064.

The production is due to start in January 2017. You cannot compare the Cache Belt with a full fledged BOB, however, one must appreciate that the ingenuity and portability factor that this new invention offers, is second to none.


fmssolution is one of the authors writing for Outdoor Revival