The Crazy Things Some People Did To Survive

Doug Williams

It is not uncommon to hear that many times when you are tested and pushed at your highest level, when you must fight to survive, you will do things that you have never imagined doing or thought you would be able to do.

Most people would not have the ability to say what they would or would not do in a true case of survival; they would not know until they are actually in the situation.

Here are some crazy, real life stories of what people had to do in their harrowing struggle for survival in some dire situations.


Harrison Okene had an amazing survival story after he was found in a vessel that capsized off of the coast of Nigeria. Harrison was the cook on the ship and was using the latrine when the boat capsized; as Harrison was reaching to get to an emergency exit, he knew he could not make it away from the ship in time.

He was stuck in the latrine for three days and was about to succumb when rescuers found him, and he finally felt the hope of survival.

The Robertson family was lost out in the sea for almost forty days, yet they managed to hold out and survive. The family decided to take a boat out as means to experience more from life and learn some lessons.


The husband, wife, and their four children ended up learning a lot more than they had originally thought that they ever would. Unfortunately, before the beginning of the trip, there was not much planning done because the family was going to stop at each port that they passed throughout the journey.

They, therefore, did not have much equipment or provisions with them and unfortunately for the family, while they were in the midst of their journey, a group of killer whales attacked their boat, causing it severe damage and to take on water. All they had on board was a lifeboat which was just a very small dinghy and food that would be enough for just six days.


Yet the family of six somehow managed to survive for a full 28 days. They used both the lifeboat and the small dinghy as a means of survival. Additionally, they survived on rainwater and turtles that they hunted.

The family was finally discovered and rescued by Japanese fisherman.

Most people are well aware of the story of Apollo 13, as it is well entrenched in space history. There was a movie about it detailing the amazing survival and the truly amazing feat of going further into space than anyone else in history had been able to go.


The crew was able to make it back to Earth in a miraculous survival story. The space shuttle was the victim of faulty wiring which then, in turn, ignited the oxygen tank, causing parts of the spacecraft to blow apart. The crew then managed to survive on very limited rations and after some harrowing situations ended up back on earth safely.

An expedition to go across the South Pole was led by Ernest Shackleton with 28 crew members. This journey was Shackleton’s second attempt at the expedition, but unfortunately, the ship and crew became trapped within the ice as their boat fell apart. As time went on, the supplies swiftly decreased, and there was not enough to last the crew, so they took to the lifeboats and headed toward an island.


That took two whole weeks; from the island that they originally went to they next had to go on yet another expedition to yet another island. This one was actually inhabited, leaving them at about one thousand miles from where they originally had started out on their journey.

To the surprise of everyone, the entire crew survived the harrowing expedition.

Juliane Koepcke had a truly amazing survival story that had multiple facets to it. While on a flight, Juliane’s plane was stuck by lightning, which caused the plane to disintegrate in midair. Somehow Juliane, who was still strapped in her seat, survived this initial strike. She was injured for sure; she had bruises, cuts, and a broken collarbone.


The only food that she had to eat was a small amount of candy. Fortunately, she was able to find water so that she could stay hydrated.

The were a huge amount of insects that were eating and stinging her as well as maggots infecting her wounds; she barely managed to escape alive by finding some sort of shelter in an encampment where she was found by some local workers who were able to help her with first aid and taking her to a hospital.


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