The Excitement of Winter Camping

Doug Williams

Camping is a passion for many people. Many find that they can truly be themselves when they are away from it all and can allow themselves to fully immerse in nature. For those who get true joy and bliss out of camping, the thought of winter time can be worrisome, since they feel as though they might not be able to camp as much. But luckily, that is not the case: there are many people who do camp in the winter, and there are many great reasons as to why camping in the winter is amazing. There is no reason why you have to wait until spring or summer to go camping.

One of the great perks of camping in the winter is that it is quieter. There are some people that won’t go camping in the winter because they don’t want to deal with the cold weather. This means that you will have much more room to yourself.

Another great reason for camping in the winter is that it can be more of an adventure than camping in the summer. You can experience the satisfaction of being able to successfully camp in the winter time, and the opportunity to be more self-sufficient in the winter.


Another great reason as to why someone should go camping in the winter is that there are absolutely stunning views for you to take in. There is normally a lot of snow, and this can be beautiful to look at from inside of your tent.

Another great thing about camping in the winter is that there are no insects or other pests that are present the rest of the year. They can be a real annoyance to new campers who are just attempting to enjoy themselves in nature.

Another thing that people probably do not think of when camping in the winter is the time of day.  The longer and darker nights will help you have a better sleep pattern because the excessive sun will not keep you awake or wake you up very early in the morning.

It is also great that, since it is so cold out, when you go camping in the winter there is an actual need for a fire. Often when people do go camping they make a fire, but it is not necessarily essential, rather they make one to warm food or for show. In the winter time, however, a campfire is a real necessity to stay warm in the frigid weather.

There are many people who genuinely enjoy camping while it is cold out. Those who do it often take in the peace and solitude that they get as opposed to camping at other times of the year. Those who do it think that it is a very empowering feeling to survive and also thrive in the raw elements of nature at a very cold time of the year.


There are some people who have thought about winter camping and are quite apprehensive. They think that it might be too cold and they will not be able to stay warm enough.  Preparation is key so that you don’t get too cold while winter camping.

It is very important that you bring the right kit with you. The kit one brings should be winter camping approved because there are going to be a lot of things that you’ll need to deal with. More intense weather conditions are an important factor: Clothing is going to need to be warmer, things are going to need to be waterproof, and tents are going to have to be of a higher quality.

When you are thinking about what the right kit would consist of, it is important to think of exactly where you are going to be camping. If you are going to be at a campsite, then you should bring something different than if you were going to be camping out in the wild where there are less established grounds, and is more remote.


One of the things that you are going to definitely need while camping in the winter is an all season tent. These tents should be very stable, and they should be durable and waterproof. In addition to a tent, you should also be sure to bring a three or four season sleeping bag. This is important because it can keep people very warm and comfortable in the cold while camping. You are also going to want to bring an inflatable sleeping mattress. It has to be inflatable because it will keep the cold of the ground away from you. There should be something between you and the ground so that you can stay warmer.

You should also be sure to bring hot water bottles so that you have a way to store the water that you have boiled.  Bringing a stove is a good idea for cooking and warmth, and it also gives you the ability to heat water fairly quickly.

Camping in the winter is a great thing to do if you take the time and effort to make sure that you are fully prepared to do so in a safe and comfortable way.


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