Time to Trap Squirrels – Pesky Little Critters

Paul Pinkerton

We’re grateful to the amazing Nikki van Schyndel (aka Daisy Crocket) for sharing some more of her life and adventures with us here on Outdoor Revival.

In this article, Nikki shows us just how soft she is, good for her!


I’ve created a catastrophe by taming my neighbor squirrels and I have to confess from the start, these “pet” squirrels have driven me to the brink of exasperation and to the dark thoughts of stewing them up for dinner. I expect to see their faces chewing through my ceiling any day now or hear the fateful sound of my roof buckling because of damaged rafters.


As a survivalist, I was taught to befriend the wildlife in and around my camp or home, so that in the event of an accident I would have tame animals to hunt. I’ve always followed this practical advice, but haven’t had to follow through until now.

Setting out to eat your friends is a lot easier to do if you’re starving to death, when you have a pantry full of home-canned clams, cougar, tuna and salmon, the task becomes almost morbid, rationalized only because you’re in the moment of ripping your hair out. After a devastating failed attempt and two injured squirrel toes later, my heart fully took over the trapping duties and I invented the Blue Barrel Live Trap.


Say farewell to Skippy and Chippy, those adorable little red squirrels who makes your voice raise an octave to say, “Ahhh”, but let’s be fair…they’re rodents.



Nikki van Schyndel

Adventurer – Wilderness Guide – Expert Tracker & Primitive Survivalist
Tired of waiting for her plane to crash or a worldwide technical disaster to create a real-life survival emergency, Nikki paid someone to abandon her on a deserted island in the wilderness for nearly two years, testing her skills and learning the truths of survival. From dream home to lean-to, diamonds to bear claws, Nikki shares this incredible journey in her bestselling book Becoming Wild.


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