Tiny Ten – Mini Fly Fishing Rod

It’s been a while since we in the Outdoor Revival office have fished for our lunch although we’ve had some great adventures in the past doing just that. Seeing this little project though stirs up those memories and I like to think that it won’t be long before we’re eating fresh fish again.

So, if you like to do a little fishing and you want something compact that you can carry with ease, this might be of interest.

Tiny Ten: Simply a Blast! (Patent Pending) The most simple, engaging, and intuitive way to fish small mountain creeks!


About this project

Tiny Ten: Fun, Simple, and Affordable

Tiny Ten is a rod specifically designed for fishing small mountain creeks and Alpine streams. Based off of the principles of Tenakra, the Japanese fixed line style of fly fishing, the rod is highly portable, easy to use, and excellent way to catch small mountain trout.


It is 1.5 meters when fully extended and only 20cm when fully collapsed making it perfect for throwing in a backpack or pocket. It also only weighs 1.6 oz!

This rod is the scalpel of rods. The delicacy of this rod makes ever a 3″ book trout a thrill to catch.


I recommend these rods for trout no more then 10″ in length.

The money raised through this Kickstarter will go to covering initial overhead costs that go into starting a business as well as enabling payment for further development of the product. It will also cover the costs of distribution to local shops.


Once we meet the backing goal, it will launch Tiny Ten into bona-fide business that will be sold at several retail locations around Colorado Springs (and eventually the world!) as well as online.

You can see more information on the Tiny Ten campaign page here.


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